bigger and better things are a coming

04-05-2010 018 1

mr balls working on his bay windows new narrowed beam with tubes and side plates supplied by slamwerks

04-05-2010 024 1

pauls 13 in for all the type 2 detectives good stuff

04-05-2010 017 1

jareds been installing a heater into petes samba this morning

04-05-2010 022

back down and now on some polished fuch

04-05-2010 020 1

brett not brent has been adding to savs camping experience in the back of his barndoor today

04-05-2010 026

nigels with a bit of a fade out gwaan on

04-05-2010 028 1

steves bus rockin' out on disco detailed 356 rims of the fat and skinny vee- riety

04-05-2010 025 1

and could something similar be going onto mark and michelles westy

04-05-2010 030 1

busy times ahead for type 2 detectives with another expansion coming very soon. watch this space as they say for more ....... :-)

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early army bays

22-04-2010 014

tonys bay now all tubbed by ballz and ready to roll on out

22-04-2010 015

one of two auto bays in. this one with some fueling issues

22-04-2010 012

and mr golds in with some auto box issues

22-04-2010 017

steves been split strippin'

22-04-2010 018

and brent has the army early bays brakes all overhauled and back on ready for mot

22-04-2010 016

matt and pee-tay tuning jodys bay

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white rocco

21-01-2010 022 1

whoooaaa all the hints i have given my girlfriend seemed to have worked :-) or so i hoped as i saw this outside this morning. but no it was a customers :-(

21-01-2010 020

the t3d narrowed beamed beige fasty was collected today. its going to be getting some more funkay mods by the new owner with some cool rims lined up

21-01-2010 021

looks pretty cool on the sprint stars

21-01-2010 024

the mac cab was moved this afternoon to a very secret location for some safe storage. only i know where and i am the only one with a key. oh bugger where did i put that ......

21-01-2010 028 1

matt doing more custom work on the goof back which will soon be off to the paint shop while the interior is off at the t2d trim shop

21-01-2010 018

charlie sorting the brakes and steering on this yella bug

21-01-2010 025

brent out back and playing with a typ 4 motor

21-01-2010 032

and jared doing some rear bearing work now they have arriverised


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split bus tin' out all over da place


its all been a bit bay heavy recently so its nice to have some splits about the place. blue six five back in for a new wiring loom


we also had two turn up around the same time on the back of transporters


and inside setons was stripped this morning ready for the newness this afternoon


matts been getting jons t2d make over sorted


yesterday he stripped the rear in the am and by early pm the new t2d straight axle'd rear was in including the t3d type 3 brake upgrade


and i've been down to see the goff to get an mot, straight through too


disco steve the t2d newbie has been replacing stuarts worn ball joints with some nice new ones this morning


yesterday charlie was all about the one day bay lowering


and after the chalrie magic was performed


seasick steve was back in yesterday to collect his van and to hang with the t2d crew. seen here helping jared build up a new engine


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monumoungus monday


just a small taster from today as i've been running round like the preverbial blue bummed (ha bummed) fly. a regular back for another mot, brents the mot dude at the moment, i'm missing my visits to the j bros. hey mark


late lovely with type 4 power getting a full engine service today


now its got new metal and new windas the purple one had an engine service too


martins back in the fold for some structural work in the sill dept and some engine upgrades while its in. big carbs oh yeah :-)


jareds been getting the fresh from powder coaters tinware back on mikes 2007cc. exhaust and carbs tomorrow


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