werkin' that slam fo sho yer' olllll

30-11-2009 041glow

the goofbacks new straight roof is looking good, top roof swappin' by the disco one

30-11-2009 042

matts been busy under the front over the weekend

30-11-2009 040

balls fabrication getting ready for an actual fuel tank now

30-11-2009 055

steves getting on with thay 3 fiddy

30-11-2009 066

nearly ready for some mot action

30-11-2009 060

jareds been mainly under the mac crew

30-11-2009 044

charlie started striping dereks beam off this morning

30-11-2009 063

and this afternoon it was back on and sporting some t2d upgrades such as the t2d smooth ride flippy spindles and new t2d custom track rods

30-11-2009 070

and currently two toned early bay in for some t2d dropped spindles for that t2d smooth bay ride none of that bump an' with them bad boys