its da future

14.08.2010 029.jpg
T2D young and old . paul getting Some tips from His son William who was at work this afternoon showing dad how to do it
14.08.2010 039.jpg
Also very handy with the camera too and William showed me the way of the cool shot . Be Sure To Check www.t2d - blog.com To See His photo work . billsblog.com coming soon
14.08.2010 027.jpg
nice to see phil in today
14.08.2010 030.jpg
and Mark too whos now sporting a new back bumper and Some patina . og paint under there somewhere
14.08.2010 035.jpg
Jared ' s been doing a servo on the cool flo barndoor a very worth while addition
14.08.2010 033.jpg
mark f ' s westy interior is on the way out getting ready for something a little more funkay
14.08.2010 037.jpg
again again again again again again
14.08.2010 041.jpg
so far i have sill'd it , subframed'd it and reguarly scrape the exhaust on my driveway. just the sump now and i've done the set. lovin'n it real good

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moving on moving up moving forward moving nextdoor

07-06-2010 021

niges bug with box and brakes back in

07-06-2010 022

steves fitted marks new outer sill today and its looking good

07-06-2010 024

jared sorting the front end on nevilles b buggy

07-06-2010 025

while charlie was building nevilles new engine back up

07-06-2010 029

brett doing another t2d rear end convo

07-06-2010 032

and today was the day that we (eventually) got the key to the new additonal workshop unit next door. the clean up soon started

07-06-2010 033

the new display and merchandise area was soon turned from lurid wrong green to something a bit cleaner

07-06-2010 039

and so much more additional overnight parking is a defo bonus

07-06-2010 040

07-06-2010 038

cant wait until its all done and we're all moved in. wont be long

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wet one

31-05-2010 049

saturday was a lovely day for a photoshoot. well until the heavens opened up

31-05-2010 026

the kerbsnake was in the bag though

31-05-2010 027

31-05-2010 029

and before the rain i started to do a disc and pad swap on the mk twice. then the rain came and i got wet!!

31-05-2010 028

charlie was in doing some mot work on his soon to be daily again

31-05-2010 046

another split being dropped off for some t2d workshop happenings

31-05-2010 040

marks bus was back up and running again. disco of steve will be finishing off the welderisings this week

31-05-2010 050

darren cool flo dropped alan off to collect his recently finish fleetline split on route to gary garys picnic. more cool flo vans coming in real soon for more t2d cool'n

31-05-2010 043

get it on some skinnys and get it down jonny d :-)

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splits and bays

17-05-2010 025 1

few splits in at the moment

17-05-2010 024 1

charlies on the strip down of duncans and enjoying the sunshine today

17-05-2010 021

its all go on mark and michelles westy

17-05-2010 022

brett and balls out back with disco doing some body repairs

17-05-2010 034 111

jared had marks deluxe microbus back outside today

17-05-2010 035 11

17-05-2010 027 1

and type two detectives are now offical suppliers and users of morris lubricants. so you know who to call for all your oil and ankor wax needs


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back to the two'd

04-01-2010 025 1

back in to work today. the k70 is looking different since i last saw it. gonna look super bad ass mo ho'n when its done

04-01-2010 020 1

proper crunchamuncha

04-01-2010 022

jared jetting his braided out this morning

04-01-2010 026 1

brent building up engines = big smiles

04-01-2010 016 1

dan got the greenbackas front stripped ready for the t3d custom super narrowed beam

 04-01-2010 030

in from storage and into the workshop for the t3d touch.

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back at the t2d

beakersblog1 016

back in at t2d on my route home to check out whats what. steves prep'n savs roof ready for some age'n to happen

beakersblog1 014

k70 in the place

beakersblog1 011

scooby powered early bay in for 17" fuch and lowering

beakersblog1 013

ready for collection tomorrow

beakersblog1 012

and also ready for the weekend

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workshop updates at t2d today


antonius' split in for service and tune up


brent having some fun with si's flamed one which hasn't got adjustable spring plates


but ain't no triflin' like a jive turkey get da balls on it then no discombobulated'nss fo sho. yo's diggy


grey ones stripped, of its old wiring loom ready for a new one


some grinda in action for those that are inclined


another low light bay in for the two'd 'n


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