squeakizzile to tha beavizzle yo

16-11-2009 015

savs barndoor has had some more t2d tweakin' and is now sitting lower since i last saw it on friday. matt was doing a final tracking check then he was off for a test drive

16-11-2009-2 085

and the balls was a happy chappy saying it drives real smooth.  balls was then onto sorting some wiring

16-11-2009-2 008

the ex bb samba was back in to t2d today. been a while since i last saw it but its still looking good. its in for a freshen' up ready for the new owner

16-11-2009 020

micks old samba also back in at t2d for a freshen' up for its new owner

16-11-2009 012

charlie a blur on garys this morning

16-11-2009-2 007

black and white '65 split in for t2d irs'n and t2d dropped spindles

16-11-2009-2 084

charlie and alec were straight onto the strip down this afternoon

16-11-2009 019

seans black split in for a service before the winter hide up

16-11-2009-1 005

http://interiormotive.skynetblogs.be/ the interior motive interior is still looking like new even after many family camping trips

 16-11-2009 011

disco steve has been fitting some safaris into the mac cab


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