goofback in performance vw magazine

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how cool is that. the t3d goofback on the front cover of performance vw magazine

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a top feature as ever from the pvw team. jamie lipmans pics and words by neil hunt. excellent work, and dont matt look great :-) good work



theres alot more magazine features coming up soon too, with two of the fleet of beaks involved. really looking forward to them. your gonna love the feature on my ambulance judgin by the brief for it :-)

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performance vw magazine car of the year goes to ...

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the latest issue of performance vw magazine is out and on the shelfs with the winner of their car of the year '09

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and how cool is this. as voted for by the readers the t2d kerb snake came second. wow what an honor especially as its an air cooled car in a mainly water cooled magazine and it was up against some real tasty competition. massive props

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beakersblog in the mags

15-11-2009 047

another top issue of my fav mag out now www.performancevwmag.com

15-11-2009 048

with a report on the players show 2009

15-11-2009 050

featuring pics by www.beakersblog.com . it dont get much better for beakersblog :-)

15-11-2009 052

15-11-2009 053

if you dont already got it go out and get it today.

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performance vw kerb snake photo shoot


elliott (editor) and jamie (pics) were up our way today for the kerb snake photo shoot. performance vw mag are going to start doing some more aircooled stuff again and the kerb snake was the car for the job


jamie the photographer was on it like a rash and neil also came up to get the words side sorted.


then once the static stuff was in the bag jamie got his rig out (yeah) and paul and matt came over to help with the rollin' shots


mr james (jamie) lipman the photographer is a camera genius, oh my god hot damm has he got the shots. on a grey day as well


elliott checking jamies strap on


the unseen side of the shoot


matt checking the angle of the dangle


then it was time for the interior shots with us inside too. big thanks to elliott for papping with me camera



not often seen on this side of the lens, and i can't wait to see the finsihed shot from this in the mag


monkey balls


my new look


oh no the  po lice


elliott was out of there but neil smoothed the way

ello elllo elllo

it was all cool though because it turned out that they were wheel-whores too


big fans they were. many thanks to them as they were friendly po lice. check pauls blog to see what happened with him www.t2d-blog.com


elliott and jamies ride was a borrowed bass pass at


pauls better half kerry govs audi estate better watch out

for more from performance vw go here www.performancevwmag.com and i just gotta say it was bloody nice to meet you chaps today, always good to meet like minded folk on the same level, and see you at edition 38 :-) woo hoo partay time

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