feel da blu


too blu for you ? seems to be for a very select few :-)

06-10-2010 013+2.jpg

and seeing as my bonnet got goosed i thought i'd have some fun with it. wouldnt normally stand on my bonnet :-)

more to come on the mk2 with a visit to iain at i-kustoms coming up



I Kustoms visitation

6/13/2010 222T +. Jpg

I'm looking forward to a trip over to see iain at i kustoms to have some paint done on my mk twice.

the most major of big up props and thanks to iain for that




love da bus

25-11-2009 062 3+.jpg

bus love and no better then a samba

dark times


mk4 golf by night


she is back


nearly back on the road. front end rebuilt just waiting on the bonnet then paint and job done. but what colour the bonnet, blue maybe ;-)  !!!


mk2 golf parts needed

04-10-2010 051+.jpg

after coming home from a very productive day out i went to move my mk2 golf and noticed something wasnt quite right

04-10-2010 053+.jpg

i was out in one of my other rides and left the goof on the road, wish i hadnt now!


04-10-2010 054+.jpg

so do you have the parts i need to repair it? bonnet grill and bumper so far untill further investigation.

if you do and you want to sponsor the repair get in touch beaker@beakersblog.com

you will get in return much love here on beakersblog.com which gets worldwide big hits everyday and has a high google rating, beakersblog.com has a higher google rating then many many bigger "well known" vw based interweb sites. hook da beaks up beaker@beakersblog.com i thank you

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bad ass

p u +.jpg

bad ass.  just pure bad ass

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simpkins got that front cover'd

02-07-2010 271+.jpg

big shouts and mad props to mr david simpkin and his volksworld camper and bus cover star

02-07-2010 300+.jpg

about to do what he's good at






british touring car testing at snetterton race circuit

01-10-2010 121+.jpg

i've been checking out some british touring car testing today at snetterton race circuit

01-10-2010 184.JPG

01-10-2010 161+.jpg

it was a nice dry track then the rain came and it was slicks to wets in no time, and check the silencer to comply with noise regulations

01-10-2010 162+.jpg

01-10-2010 170+.jpg

damm they shift some water

01-10-2010 183+.jpg

then in to check the stats


01-10-2010 144+.jpg




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