beakersblog.com version 2 sneaky peaky

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right here we go version 2 of beakersblog.com is going to be ready to drop real soon. i cant wait, lots of new features plus all the usual favourites.

go check out www.beakers-shop.com for a first look see of the future beakersblog.com


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sema sema y'all


my bro in the US of A the legend that is gary constable from the old skool mighty thump thump (gary was one of the creators of the mega billa bug)  has sent me a few pics from this years sema show


there are some truely mad out there ridez to be seen


all makes and all flavors catered for


its a tuning mecca and for next year.....

mutant 1.jpg

... this gary constable designed and soon to be built radical buggy. gary does a lot of design stuff out in the states along with some of the best paintwork i've ever seen. much more to come from gary constable and mutant designs in association with beakersblog.com

to check out more from garys old skool dayz doing it thump thump style be sure to check out stu bettys awesome b289 site. http://www.b289.com


how they do it in dubai


big thanks to simon b for sharing some photos with me. hows this for too cool. as seen out in dubai this mad as roof chopped porsche cayenne. omg


a very well executed and very subtle chop top


and how about this gmc truck. loving the rims, how cool if it was on air and able to dump right down

massive thanks to simon b for these pics and there are more to come from simon, beakersblog.com's official snapper in dubai

i kustoms i lighton

i light s.jpg

iains doing good things over at iKustoms with the help for heroes t4 giveaway t4

I light 1 n s.jpg

and doing good things with axle tubes and the iLight



rayvern hydraulics 300c


some more from rayvern hydraulics and their mad 300c


layin' sill






rayvern hydraulics nutz body dropped mk2 jetta


the rayvern hydraulics totally unique body dropped mk2 jetta


sills resting on da floor !!!




old skools



on da buses


mk2 golf inspiration

red 2 s.jpg

i'm after inspiration for my black mk2 goof. what to do what to do with it? wish it was an early quarter lighter

red 3 s.jpg

obviously its gonna get wound down on some coilovers but what wheels? design nineties have always been a classic fav of mine, wish i'd still got my old set. much love for this mk2 its clean as  

volksworld usa

volksworld usa.JPG

another top issue of volksworld usa is out on da streetz or iz that screenz




og mk1 full of pure want

mkonce bbs.jpg

thomas mueller's og mk1 golf on bbs motorsport splits is just where its at no question. want

mk1 s SSSS.jpg

and on thay mk1 ting seen in sweden


some passat coupe love too


two times