stealth kel

kel s.jpg


murdered? stealth? nah back then it was just flat black. kels bus before she got bizz-A with the shine-A


bus of rust

busrust s.jpg

 one of the bus of rust and one of the many wheel options it rollederised



time for a detail me thunks and knock a few down out back too


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rod hott'n

garys_hot_rods_an_sods_052 S.jpg

how freakin' bad ass would you feel rockin' up in this. a whole loada want right here


garys_hot_rods_an_sods_051 S.jpg


whoooa there, them some back tyres! and i thought the lambo c-tash had some big ol rear boots. wouldn't want to have to replace them bad boys. i bet peelin' out at da lights aint cheap, but lots of fun.


garys hot rods an sods 047 S.jpg


wow, just wow


garys hot rods an sods 021 S.jpg


and some two wheel action for y'all

big thanks to gary constable for sending the pics. theres more to come from gary and his mutant designs



hot - niss - ity


thiz_is_golden_27_t S.jpg

god dammn now this is  golden 


garys hot rods an sods 009 s.jpg


T-Bucket luv


garys hot rods an sods 005 S.jpg


now that must take some detailing before a show


garys hot rods an sods 002 S.jpg

and stayin' on da golden tip'



garys hot rods an sods 013 S.jpg

john coopers el tiki



hot or what

Picture_040 s.jpg

chopper'd henry's dream

kelly_stokins_chopped_rear_3Q S.jpg

still more from gary c to come

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more from gary c with french flair

garys_hot_rods_an_sods_172 S.jpg

more cool pics from gary c including this bugatti type 57sc

garys_hot_rods_an_sods_164 S.jpg

  Dellahaye 135 with special bodywork

garys_hot_rods_an_sods_169 S.jpg

  a 1936 Delahaye 135 competition sport coupe, stunning cars


more hot hot rods



more sweet rides sent over from mutant designs gary constable. such a sweet belair


with an interior to match



hows this for a unique ass


and who doesn't love a flame job

more to come, much more and big thanks to the big man gary c

beakersblog is back on the skynet


beakersblog.com is now back on the skynet. due to circumstances outta my control beakersblog is back on skynet while the other site is worked on, and what better way to start back on skynet then with this killa pic sent to me from gary constable. theres more of this to come so be sure to check on back y'all

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www.beakersblog.com has moved




has moved

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many thanks to skynet for the original www.beakersblog.com

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