type2detectives tv bus is for sale

12-08-2010 030+.jpg

the type2detectives tv bus is for sale. if you wanna roll hard roll deep be gettin them mad props for yo bad ass mo tuck and still sleep four in ultimate luxury then this bus is for you. the interior motive interior is a one off, the t2d suspension is unique with tubb work and chassis mods by the matt balls its got a stock 1600 out back for cruze-ability a smooth as ride and some bass kick to boot

12-08-2010 039+mb.jpg

its been magazine featured worldwide and of course seen on tv. its a very well known and well loved early bay with massive reeee spects given

23-08-2010 019 +1.jpg


did i mention its got the patina to die for? for more tech spec and info email info@type2detectives.com or call the sales team at the shop on 00 44 (0) 1638 743211 and please be sure to mention beakersblog. thanks awfully

edition38x film by stephen brooks

Edition38X - 10th Anniversary from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.


check out this awesome vid from stephen brooks filmed at edition38x. look out for the kerbsnake/ goofback and the p med

and check out www.stephenbrooksfilms.com for other top notch films

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last of the ed38x

05-09-2010 346.JPG

always good to see wayne mac and his squareblack which has had a recent visit to gav at trailer queen restos for a refresh and its looking fine for it

05-09-2010 428.JPG

wayne mac picked up a top ten trophy on the saturday

05-09-2010 350.JPG

mr weitz was there with his k70 and also his pink bug

05-09-2010 349.JPG

martins sweet buick got that burbbble goin on

05-09-2010 556.JPG

05-09-2010 328.JPG

05-09-2010 558.JPG

05-09-2010 373.JPG

05-09-2010 563.JPG

05-09-2010 502.JPG

05-09-2010 398.JPG

05-09-2010 381.JPG

05-09-2010 408.JPG

05-09-2010 376.JPG

05-09-2010 362.JPG

05-09-2010 509.JPG

05-09-2010 533.JPG

05-09-2010 519.JPG

so many cool rides at edition38x the uk's water cooled scene is at the top of the game


fives alive and some six two


05-09-2010 308.JPG

05-09-2010 332.JPG

05-09-2010 357.JPG


05-09-2010 359.JPG

05-09-2010 537.JPG

05-09-2010 552.JPG

05-09-2010 395.JPG

05-09-2010 531.JPG

05-09-2010 370.JPG

05-09-2010 423.JPG

05-09-2010 393.JPG

well sixy


05-09-2010 311.JPG

pure six appeal www.g-werks.com

very nearly played the e38x out, nearly..........................

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milkin'it edition38x style

05-09-2010 544.JPG

many many cool 3's around

05-09-2010 378.JPG

05-09-2010 505.JPG

05-09-2010 397.JPG

05-09-2010 302.JPG

05-09-2010 560.JPG

is it a 3 or a 4? its a 3 imo

05-09-2010 443.JPG

oh and this 3 was kinda cool ;-)

05-09-2010 516.JPG

and onto the 4's. and some major wheel envy goin' on here (want)

05-09-2010 405.JPG

lots o love for jamie simms four as seen in last months pvw

05-09-2010 323.JPG

05-09-2010 421.JPG

got some tooth, saw or hounds is the question?

05-09-2010 364.JPG

05-09-2010 356.JPG

05-09-2010 383.JPG

05-09-2010 377.JPG

05-09-2010 380.JPG

05-09-2010 406.JPG

05-09-2010 407.JPG

05-09-2010 518.JPG

05-09-2010 523.JPG

05-09-2010 327.JPG

05-09-2010 555.JPG

05-09-2010 517.JPG

so am i milkin' this or what ? i'd say dam straight with more to come :-)

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even more from e38x editon38 2010

05-09-2010 418.JPG

mk two time and no place to start then jon grants oem'd g60 powered gem. jon picked up best mk2 for his efforts. top honor for an awesome car

05-09-2010 550.JPG

05-09-2010 507.JPG

05-09-2010 508.JPG

05-09-2010 409.JPG

05-09-2010 365.JPG

05-09-2010 341.JPG

05-09-2010 298.JPG

05-09-2010 321.JPG

05-09-2010 324.JPG

05-09-2010 361.JPG

05-09-2010 562.JPG

05-09-2010 335.JPG

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more from edition38 x e38x

05-09-2010 293.JPG

its all about the ones tonight starting with greg howells. this car is just so right,i kept going for a cheeky peaky on sunday and everything about it is so .ock on, the paint is flawless the engine install out there, the wheels omg etc etc etc. no more words just treaters for yo peepers

05-09-2010 333.JPG

05-09-2010 548.JPG


05-09-2010 551.JPG

05-09-2010 352.JPG

05-09-2010 353.JPG

05-09-2010 424.JPG

05-09-2010 384.JPG

05-09-2010 386.JPG

05-09-2010 403.JPG

05-09-2010 300.JPG

05-09-2010 358.JPG

05-09-2010 368.JPG

05-09-2010 527.JPG

05-09-2010 546.JPG

05-09-2010 545.JPG


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edition38 X

312.JPG 09/05/2010

subhrajs G- werks'd mk6 goes beyond

311.JPG 09/05/2010

Way Beyond

317.JPG 09/05/2010

318.JPG 09/05/2010

fresh in rotiform 3 piece split rims are very trick  http://www.rotiform.co.uk/ 


09.05.2010 319.jpg

pats vans had it going off

315.JPG 09/05/2010

used daily for deliveries too

310.JPG 09/05/2010

307.JPG 09/05/2010

309.JPG 09/05/2010

ohhh beigeby

304.JPG 09/05/2010

306.JPG 09/05/2010

303.JPG 09/05/2010

And That was just part of the g -werks line up . They smashed it fo schhhoooorrr

332.JPG 09/05/2010

330.JPG 09/05/2010

a4 looking fierce on black'd out pog rimmage367.JPG 09/05/2010

498.JPG 09/05/2010

522.JPG 09/05/2010

526.JPG 09/05/2010

339.JPG 09/05/2010

514.JPG 09/05/2010

513.JPG 09/05/2010

511.JPG 09/05/2010

559.JPG 09/05/2010

bentley rims rok, even on bentleys

Be Sure to check back more in store for your face lookie outsees . this week gonna be a water one . airs for


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t2d goofback ballz'd

02-09-2010 051+.jpg
balls in aircooled heaven. ignore me ovlov
02-09-2010 057+.jpg
a nice little line up fo schoorrr
02-09-2010 031+.jpg
on the inside the charlie having a good time with the g rinda
02-09-2010 043+.jpg
box and brakes done
02-09-2010 035.JPG
more dropped off today
02-09-2010 041.JPG
mikes bay having a new exhaust fitted by steve
02-09-2010 048 +.jpg
sams has been getting more jared attention
02-09-2010 053 +.jpg
be sure to come see the t2d ballz'd goofback at edition 38 X this weekend
02-09-2010 055.JPG
and visit the t2d trade stand near the pvw stand in the main show area


t2d one day lowering t2d bay window dropped spindles

01-09-2010 051.JPG
its been another hectic and mo bizz a week already. another bay in at t2d for sale search for type 2 detectives on facebook for more info
01-09-2010 053.JPG
joe tows been busy too, yesterday mikes notch arrived in need of a new starter
01-09-2010 058.JPG
lovely low mileage bay in for a mild t2d one day bay window lowering
01-09-2010 049.JPG
cool flo's getting some cool t2d'n
01-09-2010 071.JPG
the cool flo barn door was delivered today via the joe tow
01-09-2010 067.JPG
01-09-2010 076.JPG
be sure to check the full cool flo line up at vanfest
01-09-2010 063.JPG
brett backing another bay in for a t2d one day lowering as done the t2d allan crew
01-09-2010 083.JPG
this ones got t2d bay window dropped spindles, t2d coilovers up front and t2d adjustable spring plates out back with the usual front tyre change
01-09-2010 090.JPG
01-09-2010 092.JPG
stock against dropped
01-09-2010 086.JPG
cool late bay hi topper in for a workshop looksee
01-09-2010 080.JPG
bretts been doing the mechanical overhaul on the snush bus
01-09-2010 087.JPG
dougs bay in for a new starter bush
01-09-2010 088.JPG
i wondered why i hadnt seen the milkster around these parts for a while ..................

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