1968 type 3 squareback for sale


my 1968 type 3 squareback is for sale. 56000 miles on the clock, all original with genuine detailed fuch, berg shifter, speedwell steering wheel 1641 engine rebuilt by andy marriott with weber 40's for more info email me beaker@beakersblog.com

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more from players 2010

19-09-2010 799+.jpg

19-09-2010 408+.jpg

19-09-2010 493+.jpg

always knew skodas were cool

19-09-2010 698+.jpg

ohhh yeah

19-09-2010 414+.jpg

19-09-2010 412+.jpg

19-09-2010 413+.jpg

19-09-2010 442+.jpg

19-09-2010 459+.jpg

19-09-2010 457+.jpg

19-09-2010 629+.jpg

19-09-2010 639+.jpg

19-09-2010 779+.jpg

19-09-2010 595+.jpg

19-09-2010 600+.jpg

19-09-2010 604+.jpg

19-09-2010 566+.jpg

19-09-2010 576+.jpg

19-09-2010 700+.jpg

19-09-2010 781+.jpg

19-09-2010 777+.jpg

19-09-2010 581+.jpg

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19-09-2010 620+.jpg

its all about the rotiform rims on beakersblog. and why not they are the uber cooliest rims out there

visit www.rotiform.com for more and also visit www.rotiform.co.uk for uk orders and also visit www.g-werks.com for more from the uk suppliers

19-09-2010 714+.jpg

19-09-2010 709+.jpg

i'm waiting for the day when they make some beige blq's in 5x112 with a centre bore of 66.6mm to suit the t3 / t25 vanagons ;-)

19-09-2010 627+.jpg

19-09-2010 419+.jpg

did i mention the beige ?

19-09-2010 411+.jpg

19-09-2010 428+.jpg

19-09-2010 400++.jpg

19-09-2010 404+.jpg

piano black so dark the naked eye cannot see it or me messin wit da shop of photays

19-09-2010 433+.jpg

19-09-2010 588+.jpg

19-09-2010 701+.jpg

19-09-2010 617+.jpg

19-09-2010 445+.jpg

and some very specialness right there. uks first 4 bolt spilt seventeens.


players 2010 non vag grp

19-09-2010 618+.jpg

lots of cool other brands cars at players 2010

19-09-2010 500+.jpg

stanced out accord was cool

19-09-2010 501+.jpg

hell yeah

19-09-2010 499+.jpg

19-09-2010 452+c.jpg

g-werks merks

19-09-2010 421+.jpg

19-09-2010 409+.jpg

design 90's rok

19-09-2010 558+.jpg

19-09-2010 416+.jpg

19-09-2010 706+.jpg

19-09-2010 708+.jpg

19-09-2010 784+.jpg

19-09-2010 679+.jpg

19-09-2010 592+.jpg

19-09-2010 512+.jpg

the car park was also a good place to spot some not seen much of these days rides

19-09-2010 754+.jpg


players 2010

19-09-2010 622+.jpg

had a top day at the players 2010. tooo many cool rides to see but managed to bag 500 or so pics so you know whats to come.

19-09-2010 624+.jpg

the performance vw magazines will it wont it be done long term mk4 golf wide ass golf project car was finished and at players 2010. now thats a large ass you would wanna be seen out with

19-09-2010 783+.jpg

for now just a few teaser taster shots

19-09-2010 732+.jpg

not just vw's there but some other brands reppin' too

19-09-2010 788+.jpg

martins buick'd it real good

19-09-2010 713+.jpg

much luv for the merc

19-09-2010 756+.jpg

mo more to come including fiats and vauxhalls !!! be sure to check back now


sunshine skys and splitscreen buses

18-09-2010 010.JPG

in for jared to check the tracking then it was chocks away and off on a road trip to venice

18-09-2010 012.JPG

good to meet mark today who was in to collect his fiddy 8

18-09-2010 013.JPG

dropped off at t2d this morning ready for some workshop actionz next weekz

18-09-2010 018.JPG

seems the blu aint for all. its a mixed reaction from people in the street saying "cool look at that" to a random larger lady saying "looks like shhhiiiii.." cant please them all, and to be honest i dont want to :-) but they have done what i wanted of them ;-)


beakers electric boogaloo blue

17-09-2010 023+.jpg

this week i have gone for a colour change on my tsw venoms. its beakers electric boogaloo blue with matching screen decal and grill. i think the grill will go back to the stock one. big thanks to mr terry the paint for laying on the blue this week and to chewit stewart for the tyre fitting. if you wanna give your opinion "like"  the www.beakersblog.com page on facebook and let us know what you thinks http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwbeakersblogcom/121243397... or click the facebook link on the left there <---------

17-09-2010 018+s.jpg

the t2d tv bus is now sporting a fresh 1641 motor and is for sale paul@type2detectives.com for more info or check www.t2d-blog.com

17-09-2010 017+.jpg

and the t2d brasilia kerbsnake could be yours too




splitscreen bus baywindow bus mot

13-09-2010 026+ 1.jpg

catching up from last week which was mot time. out with the snush bus to see the mot mark

13-09-2010 028+ 1.jpg

and the md's bus got a look see too by the mark of mot




the players show 2010 is this sunday at northweald airfield, essex be sure to pay a visit to see some of the uks best watercooled ridez, its a very chilled out and relaxed show with a great atmosphere


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t2d brasilia kerbsnake for sale

26-06-2010 069+.jpg

bra 11.jpg

the t2d brailia kerbsnake is for sale as well as the t2d tv bus. http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1024... check the ad on the samba for more on this truely one off custom bad boi camber'd creation and be sure to mention beakersblog when you buy it :-)



05-09-2010 575.JPG

the ill-ezt ride on tha roadz with the killa-izt camber out there