jez 1

t2d cruise to ninove starts this firday with a stop off in kent then off to belgium on saturday. see you there

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ninove cruisers

06-03-2010 028 1


we've been getting some of the ninove crusiers ready today including the t2d tv bus. and be sure to get the latest volksworld camper and bus magazine for the full feature on the t2d tv bus www.volksworld.com

06-03-2010 022

shauns back from paint and after a mild fluff up it was on the ramps for jared to fit the new airshocks and for matt to fit a leisure battery

06-03-2010 020

porsche bus now registared and ready for some euro cruising in the hands of mr ballz

06-03-2010 016

russell collected his split today then was off back to scotland

06-03-2010 024 1

clean late bug in for some mechanical work

06-03-2010 023 1

lee had his six seven back out on the mean streetz of burhell

06-03-2010 021

even some ghia action at the workshop this morning

06-03-2010 026

nice to see wayne and justin today who were out in waynes latest ride this mad crew cab caddy

06-03-2010 019 1 1

and after removing what seemed like a field of fen soil from me goof its rollin' beaks clean again

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t2d slamfalia back in da haus

05-03-2010 011

good to have chris over today who brought his ex t2d slamfalia back in for some service work

05-03-2010 018

chris has done some upgrades since he's owned it including a 2.1 out back

05-03-2010 015

then i had some bay on the back action taking mikes over to terrys paintshop

05-03-2010 014

russells will be off tomorrow and is now rollin' on some jge chrome radars

05-03-2010 020

and over at z cars collecting shauns black bus

05-03-2010 016

porsche bay window having some dropped spindles fitted this afternoon ready for the t2d cruise to ninove. i cant wait its going to be a right laugh woo hoo

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04-03-2010 010

matts had the kerb snake up and rollin' again

 04-03-2010 008

handlin' real nice too

04-03-2010 011

garys bay in the sun today

04-03-2010 012

jared under the t2d beige bay doing an overhaul

04-03-2010 013

garys split strip has started

04-03-2010 014

rachels late orange bay all undersealed and ready for the roads again


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porsche bus on the rolling road

03-03-2010 010

i was back over to peter baldwins today with the porsche bus

03-03-2010 011

on the rollers to get it running nice for ninove next weekend

03-03-2010 013

what she got mister

03-03-2010 015

well first run was off the gauge so it was swapped to go over 150bhp

03-03-2010 019

and it carried on to 180bhp. not bad at all, the books quote 180bhp and it was bang on. not bad for an old lump. running much cleaner now too with some idle jet changing


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late bay t2d one day bay lowering

02-03-2010 028 2 1

out to the mot shop this afternoon with jez's split

02-03-2010 027

caught in action the mot mark. always good to catch up with mark

02-03-2010 019

charlie of charles the one day bay lowering stance master had this late lovely bay panel to do

02-03-2010 021

he was soon on it and master'n the stance'n

02-03-2010 022

charlie changing the front tyres

 02-03-2010 034

 job jobbed and done ready to roll.

02-03-2010 020

jared has also been playing with a late orange bay

02-03-2010 024

no matter how rough and dirty a job the jared he love it

02-03-2010 032

single cab in for accident damage repair, on the other side

02-03-2010 026

russells soon to be heading back north to scotland


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monday monday monday

01-03-10 037

garys bay arrived from the docks today

01-03-10 038

its in good company with the t2d early bay

01-03-10 035

and another garys van in. its going to be getting some t2d dropped spindles and t2d irs action

01-03-10 033

jared getting jez's new outriggers on

01-03-10 032

matt back on the kerbsnakes suspension tuning


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nathans bay


as seen over on www.t2d-blog.com nathans bay looking much better for its t2d one day lowering

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t2d helping out the tv


paul and matt looked like they had fun yesterday helping out the wheelerdealers ed china and mike brewer. must have been nice for paul because he has been a fan of mike brewers since the early days.


matt after giving it the balls. the bay will be for sale soon, email info@type2detectives.com for the full run down.

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wheeler dealers

htc 094 1

yesterday i was over the blasters collecting the goofback and delivering it to ikustoms. i would have more pics but i left my camera round my girlfriends last night so all pics are from phones for now

htc 101 1

porsche bay got an mot today. goes ok so i've been told. whooa must have been some diesel spilled out the front cause it was proper spinny wheel on leaving :-)

htc 102 1

nathans bay was dropped in today for some t2d one day lowering action tomorrow

htc 114 1

well i say tomorrow, charlie was straight on it getting to grips with the rear already

htc 113 1

matts been playing with the brasilia again

htc 106 1

russells back down and now running t2d sprints

htc 107 1

the slamanwich was all buttered up and a blur today

htc 103 1

beige bay now with changed front tyres after some lowerring

htc 111

matt and paul hit the road this afternoon to help a tv production company lower a bay. keep an eye on men and motors for the wheelerdealers with mike the brewster brewer and his boy ed me old china

htc 112

outspan orange anyone


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