wet one

31-05-2010 049

saturday was a lovely day for a photoshoot. well until the heavens opened up

31-05-2010 026

the kerbsnake was in the bag though

31-05-2010 027

31-05-2010 029

and before the rain i started to do a disc and pad swap on the mk twice. then the rain came and i got wet!!

31-05-2010 028

charlie was in doing some mot work on his soon to be daily again

31-05-2010 046

another split being dropped off for some t2d workshop happenings

31-05-2010 040

marks bus was back up and running again. disco of steve will be finishing off the welderisings this week

31-05-2010 050

darren cool flo dropped alan off to collect his recently finish fleetline split on route to gary garys picnic. more cool flo vans coming in real soon for more t2d cool'n

31-05-2010 043

get it on some skinnys and get it down jonny d :-)

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two t2d straight axled buses back down today

28-05-2010 016a

bretts done great work on dicks bus with a jared box lift

28-05-2010 017a

very similar to the richie c bus, very cool

28-05-2010 020a

charlie has also done a great job with alans bus

28-05-2010 014

and big thanks to brent whos off traveling again then going back home to new zealand. happy travels

28-05-2010 023 a

matt in da ballz'd goof. ready for a interwebnet magazine photo shoot on saturday

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original brm'd bug

27-5-2010 012

joe the tow dropped niges skate bus back yesterday and collected one of niges bugs which has some way cool genuine accessories such as the brms gt wheel etc

27-5-2010 013

mk3 aircooled goof back out cleaned and ready for another shoot at the weekend

27-5-2010 009

jareds been doing a box lift on dick turpins bus

27-5-2010 010

and as ever a very nice job jobbed by the ja red

27-5-2010 014

charlies got the box and brakes in and on the fleetliner

27-5-2010 015

sharon dropped her bay back in for some electrical and brake work


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outlaw flat four

26-05-2010 026a

andy the gwal t2d's very own sometimes tame engine builder had his race bug out today for its mot

26-05-2010 030 a

all ready with his recently re-tickled 1914cc motor for some strip action this weekend with the outlawflatfour's

26-05-2010 021

in for a t2d one day bay lowering this clean late westy

26-05-2010 033

and after disco steve had done he thang

26-05-2010 035

bretts doing awesome work on the j bus

26-05-2010 037

the man himself

26-05-2010 031

the fleetline also has a new narrowed beam set up and charlie of buckles charles soon got the rear end stripped ready for some t2d straight axle'n

26-05-2010 034

26-05-2010 032

niges skate bus is ready to go tomorrow. the sign work has had some mild age'n done

26-05-2010 039

its also now sporting a new t2d interior.if you need some interior work or some trim work visit www.type2detectives.com and give us a shout.

26-05-2010 040

the skate bus has a gwal built 2007 out back for some more funabilty on the roads


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t2d link pin bays

25-05-2010 032 a

pauls t2d tv bus now with some slightly smaller front tyres

25-05-2010 035 a

now with the same rolling radius as 165/50/15 tyres

25-05-2010 049 a

25-05-2010 046 a

double tuckka

25-05-2010 052 a

rides and drive real nice too

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bust a move phats o

24-05-2010 017 1

disco be bustin' out wit da metal work today on mark and michelles burner bus

24-05-2010 021 1

and the jared was out back sorting the starter and other thangs


while brett is getting it on with the j bus

24-05-2010 023v

and mroe turn up for the t2d touch

24-05-2010 024v

porsche powerised late bay is looking more uniformed now

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hot sun cool cars

22-05-2010 078 1

what with it being such a nice day i dragged the squareback out for a spin

22-05-2010 075 1

and while it was out i replaced the snapped sun roof cables with some new ones for some open roof rollin's

22-05-2010 063 1

paul had the tv bus out for some sun lovin'

22-05-2010 086c

and with some help from brett the tv bus now rolls 17" airevo radar style rims

22-05-2010 087c

so if you need some t2d detailed 15" inch radars call or email the shop for more www.type2detectives.com for contact details

22-05-2010 058 v

the purple bird bus was collected today. looks good for the lowerising

22-05-2010 060 1

paul d back in for a new clutch in readiness for a long european road trip real soon

22-05-2010 064 1

mr mold was in for a quick visit in his fen bus

22-05-2010 069 1

and always a pleasure to mark who was over stripping the interior out of his pop top westy

22-05-2010 067 1

dans doing a nice job with the porsche bay build up.

22-05-2010 089

dans current daily this old skool mini

22-05-2010 093

brett who is proper on the health and safety tip

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beakersback back out on the road and now with new sunroof cables and a working sunroof again woo hoo. bring on the sun burn

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no plop shop'n

20-05-2010 105 +1

if only :-)

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go three time and ting'

20-05-2010 057

sharons bay in for a t2d one day lowering. steve and dan were on it again

20-05-2010 073

and done and dusted ready for sharon this afternoon

20-05-2010 058

for me it was a bit of an mot themed day today. first one

20-05-2010 065

then off in marks slammed 71 microbus

20-05-2010 060

a very nice drive too. and straight through

20-05-2010 071

and last one chris'. and it was a green day for all three

20-05-2010 067

mark and michelles out in the sunshine

20-05-2010 068

and back in for some service work

20-05-2010 075

then it was some after hours slam time. thanks to g-werks paul got some ap-coilovers for the family audi a4 wagen

20-05-2010 084

and fresh off the jacks its proper down

20-05-2010 087

much better. and the ride is very nice.

20-05-2010 106

and some messing with the lights


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