62 notch

tee owing


i went to the registration office today with marios ex notch for an inspection

ready for the new licence number.

it got some looks from the exotic car dealer accross the road, or was that my towing!!



classic car on trailer shot this one

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what t2d is all about

theres no better way to show what t2d does best than this before and
after shot


shame it was gettin dark before these two were together



a bit like david and goliath



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a pair of balls john on the left matt on the right



its been a couple of weeks since the floor was done so john the offical t3d buff meister swung by to buff it up some more


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only on saturdays



while the pmeds away the beaker will play.

had a quick inspection under my zim zimmer today to check an exhaust blow.

looks good all raised up off road style e .

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another t2d split


chads van all finished lookin much better lower and on radars



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valentines special



milky joe got a special gift in the post today, he doesn't know who from!

i only saw the package and i don't know what was in it but .....................



..................for the rest of the day he was well buzzzzzin

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split bus saturday



balls likes em to rest on the floor



while outside its just a mild lowering on the westy now with t2d dropped spindles



and another in for some two'd tude



pssstt psssssst gotta love the air ride, well once matt balls has done his thing and sorted it all out!!


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englands finest




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some from saturday




friday night and its a meeting of minds, paul and balls explaining to peter d about the air ride crew cab and what bits they might need to fabricate, then peter goes into his machine room and next morning theres a prototype in billet alli! its nice to have it in house now.


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carcoat damphands

Fumble my bundies, it's brisket out simon and that means hitting the gristle is brittle. But the handsome Gary can certainly touch some greasy biscuits:

Saw a steamy Lever slide up the wide pipe at a seven under nicely last Wogan, even without moo and stars. Sturdy lumps, pleasantly firm , smell turd. Knocked off a chesney for a slice of p*ss. Well it wasn't that colour when I put my socks on. Grunty.

Grunting has gone milky on squeaky Weasels and that means furry burps for the oily Sarah. A smart basket with breeze, squeeze and cheese bummed my briefcase for a Satsuma last Thursby, kicked its knees for seven geese. I wouldn't sit there, it's still a bit wet. Flimsy.

The fat legged Alan has always stroked the nose of the Stinky Vole and now's the time to grasp nice candles. What about a fondue on the girdle, hot gravel, sh*t in a sock. In the hole for a leslie under four parping. Oh honestly Jean, your brother doesn't look anything like Martin Jarvis. Minty.

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