mad bad and super slammerised

spotted this slammed ford transit this afternoon
for a ford i loved it
07-08-2010 096.JPG
some sweet ass action over the t2d workshops yesterday
07-08-2010 107.JPG
cool cool flo
07-08-2010 104.JPG
07-08-2010 111.JPG
some of nigels fleet
07-08-2010 091.JPG
more hi top pop topper bay action in
07-08-2010 121.JPG
arder than eric shion. which to take ??

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jack tipp'n ann ting'n

06-08-2010 019.JPG
nigel collected his skate bus this afternoon
06-08-2010 014.JPG
now with some added power in the tunage area. jareds done some real nice wiring as per
06-08-2010 012.JPG
ricky was in before us ready to get his hi pop topper lowered
06-08-2010 016.JPG
and he wasnt disappointed with the results www.type2detectives.com for more on the one day bay window lowering
06-08-2010 020.JPG
mark pobbed in with his eb which will getting a service and mot next week
06-08-2010 017.JPG
disco d came in on his day off to weld a new arch on the rear of his mk once.


fricka licka mo hicka

05-08-2010 042.JPG
05-08-2010 052.JPG
05-08-2010 045.JPG
05-08-2010 055.JPG
05-08-2010 069.JPG
meanwhile on the aircooled side. brett taking out the old bay window based irs rear end ready for the t2d irs'd rear end
05-08-2010 060.JPG
matt and jared getting ready to put the engine back in the cool flo barndoor
05-08-2010 062.JPG
05-08-2010 063.JPG
05-08-2010 064.JPG
or is it?
05-08-2010 065.JPG
maybe just a bit of lunch time fun maybe

oh snap

04-08-2010 069.JPG
a wet start to the day today. a collection day today, nick collected his split screen panel van and martins square is all good to roll out
04-08-2010 096.JPG
beige bay nearly ready to go too
04-08-2010 090.JPG
brett doing a late one to finish off the beam swap on the lilac bay
04-08-2010 103.JPG
and a bit of water pumpa happenin's today. matt in his passat wagen which he was track checking at lunch
04-08-2010 078.JPG
then after work matt had some fun with my mk forth
04-08-2010 093.JPG
matt fitted and set up my new ap coilovers as supplied by www.g-werks.com
04-08-2010 109.JPG
and time to fit the tsw venoms for that 90's kick back flavor
04-08-2010 112.JPG
matt also sorted the new kw anti roll bar which now runs under the driveshaft for extra clearance
04-08-2010 116.JPG
and in no time bamm its down
04-08-2010 117.JPG
i love it
04-08-2010 128.JPG
gonna need some spacers out back and maybe a slight tyre size increase, but it rides real nice and only rubbed the exhaust coming out of the workshop and on my drive. cool.
massive thanks to all involved and biggest props to mr matt balls mr brett pecker and of course paul for the ramp and workshop use. i thankyou


fick'n kohick'n

03.08.2010 013.jpg
Yet Another bizz a day today . out with nicks split panel for an mot test this morning
03.08.2010 016.jpg
Matts been doing a service and brake check among other things.
03.08.2010 020.jpg
charlies been doing some service work too this very morning 03.08.2010 017.jpg
cool and clean tin top westy popped in for an insurance valuation03.08.2010 019.jpg
dans mk1 now roll'n Out On Some jom coil overs
03.08.2010 022.jpg
wayne popped in after work for a track check and adjust after a recent lowering

b yo fo ho

02-08-2010 011.JPG
clean early bay westy in for a full service
02-08-2010 012.JPG
and snuffled away next door more early bayness
02-08-2010 013.JPG
jareds been having fun in nigels engine bay
02-08-2010 017.JPG
bretts got the split screen pv sitting and riding real nice
02-08-2010 015.JPG
matts been having intense fun with some engine warranty work!!!
02-08-2010 020.JPG
and all the way from denmark some special visitors swung by to check out t2d


t25 ambulance photo shoot

30-07-2010 116.JPG
thursday was the day for my t25 ambulances photoshoot
30-07-2010 122.JPG
down the marina
30-07-2010 147.JPG
a lovely evening for it
30-07-2010 164.JPG
30-07-2010 186.JPG
then when it gotta a bit darker robs rig came out, yeah
30-07-2010 191.JPG
30-07-2010 195.JPG
ready for the motion stuff to happen
30-07-2010 193.JPG
30-07-2010 198.JPG
looks like they got some funny ones of me
30-07-2010 202.JPG
30-07-2010 204.JPG
big thanks to jon and rob for the shoot. be sure to check www.fenstudios.com for more from jon
30-07-2010 205.JPG
jon on his way home in his fenstudio split

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a master at work

30-07-2010 144.JPG
30-07-2010 139.JPG
it was a late one last night out for a night shoot with my ambulance and www.fenstudios.com more to come on this
30-07-2010 209.JPG
we've had the honor of having neil from prosign in today
30-07-2010 216.JPG
nigels skate bus has been having some more work done
30-07-2010 215.JPG
its been a pleasure to watch neil in action
30-07-2010 219.JPG
the skate bus is looking good for it too
30-07-2010 221.JPG
30-07-2010 222.JPG
and nigels bug has had a few touches added. for more from prosign http://prosign.skynetblogs.be/

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co fo'n

28-07-2010 016++.jpg
balls and a late bay
28-07-2010 014+.jpg
lilac and white spilt in for the lowering
28-07-2010 012+.jpg
marks split in for some of the same
28-07-2010 011+.jpg
beige bay now got its rego number
28-07-2010 010+.jpg
joes ghia getting the love ready for mot and then off to hayling island this weekend
28-07-2010 009+.jpg
mark p's early bay now lower with some new fuch style rims
28-07-2010 015+.jpg
mrs disco's latest ride a fancy newbie cab


more from bug jam 2010

25-07-2010 140.JPG
25-07-2010 134.JPG
milky and doctor from doctor and the medics. milkys a fan and got to meet the doctor backstage saturday night, milky also like to sniff his idols hair which is whats happening here
25-07-2010 156.JPG
25-07-2010 157.JPG
some bike types at bug jam who got them mad skillz
25-07-2010 158.JPG
25-07-2010 152.JPG
bobbys been busy with the pop top
25-07-2010 153.JPG
and more water/air crossover action to be had
25-07-2010 163.JPG
bug jam always has some cool low riderz there
25-07-2010 136.JPG
25-07-2010 166.JPG
even a joooced up jag too
25-07-2010 193+b.jpg
then it was time to hit the road home to avoid those ques out
25-07-2010 201+.jpg
25-07-2010 181.JPG
25-07-2010 183.JPG
how cool is that tucka
25-07-2010 187.JPG
and it could be yours too because its for sale for only £9,000, email info@type2detectives.com for more