splits bays bugs golfs and ice cream

23-08-2010 015.JPG
another week has passed so time for new rims on the disco bus. how long will these last?
23-08-2010 019 +1.jpg
tv bus has been out for another play this weekend and its off to edition 38 soon
23-08-2010 014.JPG
theres no better way to start the day than ice cream
23-08-2010 021.JPG
bretts been dropping engines and fixing ex hausts
23-08-2010 020.JPG
another bay for sale at t2d if you facebook search for type 2 detectives and check out the info
23-08-2010 024.JPG
joe the tow along with his assistant roxy dropped this bug off this afternoon
23-08-2010 030 +1.jpg
and beakersblog.com's latest mk2 project. more to come on this


hey girlfriend

20-08-2010 024.JPG
david popped in for a timing check this afternoon
20-08-2010 025.JPG
md's back down and on the floor
20-08-2010 036.JPG
all white at the back all white at the front. pauls barrymore back looking fiesty on its new white rims
20-08-2010 035.JPG
20-08-2010 028.JPG
pete doing modifying a new tank for brett
20-08-2010 040.JPG
once done brett got the tank in
20-08-2010 038.JPG
matts got the cool flo barn door nearly ready to hit the floor again
20-08-2010 039.JPG
jared getting to grips with daves new heat exchangers
20-08-2010 041.JPG
nevilles buggy back in for its new engines first service
20-08-2010 042.JPG
travelling as the crow flys saving time down them country tracks costs tyres !!
20-08-2010 060.JPG
all about them numbers, a 4 a 2 and a 6


t2d goofback in special edition 15 years vw speed magazine

19-08-2010 038.JPG
how cool is this. the latest special edition vw speed magazine celebrating 15 years with the t2d goofback on the front cover. wow how stoked are we. www.vw-speed.de
19-08-2010 043 +.jpg
was balls happy. i would say yes :-)
19-08-2010 048+.jpg
out for an mot in jons fenstudio bus this afternoon. www.fenstudios.com
19-08-2010 046.JPG
straight through too and a lovely ride there and back. t2d super comfy guaranteed. www.type2detectives.com
19-08-2010 063.JPG
19-08-2010 066.JPG
back at the shop balls has the cool flo barndoors now 5" narrowed beam fitted with t2d dropped spindles and is fitting the csp disc brakes
19-08-2010 068.JPG
md's bus now has its t2d 4" narrowed beam with t2d dropped spindles and csp disc kit on up front
19-08-2010 072.JPG
spotted this polish mk3 rocking a similar look to me mk twice (well colour and wheel make)


belt up belt off belt this belt end

18-08-2010 017 +.jpg
mr mold dropped his van off for an mot today and a rear end raise ??
18-08-2010 019.JPG
some cool flo'n
18-08-2010 021 +.jpg
and the other cool flo panel in at the moment
18-08-2010 026 +.jpg
matt doing a box lift on the cool flo barn door
18-08-2010 027 +.jpg
18-08-2010 023.JPG
marks split has been getting the strip down treatment
18-08-2010 016 +.jpg
steve fitting a custom seat belt in the rear of marks westy
18-08-2010 015.JPG
and jons bay has had a 3 point seat belt fitted in the rear


lay low lick on

16-08-2010 045.JPG
more dropped off over the weekend
16-08-2010 033.JPG
and even more dropped off today
16-08-2010 046.JPG
time for a shuffle-uff-err-guss
16-08-2010 029.JPG
balls sporting the latest T off the production line. the classic t2d T has been re-introduced for a limited run and with a bit of a twist. but should we increase the production? email info@type2detectives.com and say i want to rock out with my ...... out in a classic t2d T
16-08-2010 037.JPG
soon to be roll'n roll'n roll'n
16-08-2010 040.JPG
this time last year the goofback was just a twinkle in balls' eye


its da future

14.08.2010 029.jpg
T2D young and old . paul getting Some tips from His son William who was at work this afternoon showing dad how to do it
14.08.2010 039.jpg
Also very handy with the camera too and William showed me the way of the cool shot . Be Sure To Check www.t2d - blog.com To See His photo work . billsblog.com coming soon
14.08.2010 027.jpg
nice to see phil in today
14.08.2010 030.jpg
and Mark too whos now sporting a new back bumper and Some patina . og paint under there somewhere
14.08.2010 035.jpg
Jared ' s been doing a servo on the cool flo barndoor a very worth while addition
14.08.2010 033.jpg
mark f ' s westy interior is on the way out getting ready for something a little more funkay
14.08.2010 037.jpg
again again again again again again
14.08.2010 041.jpg
so far i have sill'd it , subframed'd it and reguarly scrape the exhaust on my driveway. just the sump now and i've done the set. lovin'n it real good

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shudda wudda cudda but didnt

12-08-2010 030+.jpg
the t2d tv bus got an mot today
12-08-2010 028.JPG
dont look right with a number plate on
12-08-2010 039+mb.jpg
then it was dropped at the t2d tv bus storage place
12-08-2010 041+.jpg
and swapped for the porsche powered bay which had another run on the rollers yesterday
12-08-2010 026.JPG
my goof two also paid a visit to the mot place. even got a green one, well once i'd sorted the obvious mistake. oops should of done that first. and yes i parked the spoiler on the jack so some chockaaan de blockaaan action was needed
12-08-2010 044.JPG
jareds been busy with sams shiney split screen fiddeen winda'd one
12-08-2010 048.JPG

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type 2 detectives bay window ball joint dropped spindles

11-08-2010 036.JPG
yet another high top bay in at t2d. this one in for some t2d bay window ball joint dropped spindles
11-08-2010 054.JPG
jared and steve got on it before lunch with jared taking care of the front with steve out back fitting the adjustable spring plates. this is how the t2d dropped spindles look once fitted
11-08-2010 056.JPG
all doobed up and a new adjustable track rod fitted
11-08-2010 049.JPG
then once back down jared tracked it up ready for the test drive then handover
11-08-2010 062.JPG
the test drive done and ready to rock out
11-08-2010 067.JPG
its dropped the van 5" up front, 3.5" drop with the spindles and the rest with a change of tyre. this ones got 175/55/15 front tyres. t2d coilover shocks can be used to bump the front up about 1" if needed
11-08-2010 065.JPG
lowered but with added t2d comfy ride, winner. www.type2detectives.com
11-08-2010 044.JPG
even t2d's pet engine builder the gwal is thunking on getting some dropped spindles for his bay.
11-08-2010 040.JPG
or for that really nip and tuck you need to go link pin as seen on the t2d "tuck" truck ;-)
11-08-2010 058.JPG
mr golds bay back in today for a new recond auto box
11-08-2010 068.JPG
steves daily has had its porsche steels on for at least a couple of weeks so time for a disco detail. but they wont be on for long as steves doing the disco detail dance tonight on his latest rims
11-08-2010 061.JPG
the lilacs split screen is out and the new motors running and sounding real priddy
11-08-2010 038.JPG
next door the charlie has been doing some engine stripping
11-08-2010 039.JPG
marks yellow westy now got rego and the 68 microbus was sold last week and will be getting the treatment soon


does it matter what i write here? really

10-08-2010 022.JPG
not again!!!!
10-08-2010 023.JPG
the first of some mots this week
10-08-2010 024.JPG
and the second
10-08-2010 028.JPG
10-08-2010 034.JPG
matts been making the cool flo barndoors custom 5" narrowed beam today
10-08-2010 030.JPG
bretts being going at the lilac split screen
10-08-2010 036.JPG
with good effect too. its first time back down and looking much the nicer for the added t2d'd
09-08-2010 010.JPG
and with some special engine work by joe the tow gallagher whos stepped in to help out at t2d what with it being mental mad busy at the moment
10-08-2010 031.JPG
and joe pobbed back in today

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hold up y'all B chill'n fo yo ho

08.09.2010 015.jpg
Derek's Bay ready to go on an upcoming european tour
08.09.2010 013.jpg
charlie working in the outside on one bay glorious sunshiney pop toppa
08.09.2010 014.jpg
while round the corner Awaiting Another bay pop toppa
08.09.2010 012.jpg
Ingrid early inside bays having Some Insurance Work done after an attempted theft
08.09.2010 011.jpg
jared getting his irs head on under the lilac split
j08.09.2010 016.jpg
nicks pogg bay wont be long now

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