sema sema y'all


my bro in the US of A the legend that is gary constable from the old skool mighty thump thump (gary was one of the creators of the mega billa bug)  has sent me a few pics from this years sema show


there are some truely mad out there ridez to be seen


all makes and all flavors catered for


its a tuning mecca and for next year.....

mutant 1.jpg

... this gary constable designed and soon to be built radical buggy. gary does a lot of design stuff out in the states along with some of the best paintwork i've ever seen. much more to come from gary constable and mutant designs in association with beakersblog.com

to check out more from garys old skool dayz doing it thump thump style be sure to check out stu bettys awesome b289 site. http://www.b289.com



I can go to Asda car park to look at modern plastic crap.

Where are the T2's if you are going to snag the link at least make it look interesting.

This is just Max Power BS

Posted by: Craig | 11/08/2010

hey craig thanks for your kind comments and your opinions. "snag" the link, i own the link :-)
keep checking back to see more
greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 11/08/2010

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