mk2 golf parts needed

04-10-2010 051+.jpg

after coming home from a very productive day out i went to move my mk2 golf and noticed something wasnt quite right

04-10-2010 053+.jpg

i was out in one of my other rides and left the goof on the road, wish i hadnt now!


04-10-2010 054+.jpg

so do you have the parts i need to repair it? bonnet grill and bumper so far untill further investigation.

if you do and you want to sponsor the repair get in touch beaker@beakersblog.com

you will get in return much love here on beakersblog.com which gets worldwide big hits everyday and has a high google rating, beakersblog.com has a higher google rating then many many bigger "well known" vw based interweb sites. hook da beaks up beaker@beakersblog.com i thank you

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