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fenstudios papp'n beaks ambo

22-09-2010 022+.jpg

mr mold recently grabbed some more detailed shots of my t25 ex german ambulance


22-09-2010 028+.jpg

the man and the van

22-09-2010 019+.jpg

hopefully to be seen in volksworld camper and bus magazine http://www.vwcamperandbus.com/ 



RIM Blackberry Playbook Tablet


check this bad boy out. the new RIM (research in motion) blackberry playbook tablet. how bad do i want one of these. looks like the other pad out there got some serious competition now. for the full story check out www.rim.com

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oh my golly good gosh how freakin' cool is this. picture stolen from the juststance facebook page and as seen at h20. the stanceworks stance'd to the max rust'd out e28 bm of w sporting the most sexiest 24k gold ronal rims as work'd by rotiform. pappa beaks used to roll an e28 back when they was new so i have always had much love for them but this is just on another level baby.





westside 2010 best of show

02-07-2010 264+.jpg

jon grants awesome oem +'d out g60'd mk2 won best of show this weekend at the westside 2010 show

02-07-2010 266+.jpg

a well deserved win for an outstanding car. jon also got best mk2 at edition 38 so its a winning year for sure

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beakers ex german ambulance t25 for sale

22-09-2010 026.JPG

my ex german ambulance t25 is also for sale. its a 1991 with the 2.1 fuel injected motor. it has 111000 kilometers on the clock, it has a full width rock and roll bed with weekender interior including table and buddy chair. for the full rundown including price please email me for more beaker@beakersblog.com



1968 type 3 squareback for sale


my 1968 type 3 squareback is for sale. 56000 miles on the clock, all original with genuine detailed fuch, berg shifter, speedwell steering wheel 1641 engine rebuilt by andy marriott with weber 40's for more info email me beaker@beakersblog.com

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more from players 2010

19-09-2010 799+.jpg

19-09-2010 408+.jpg

19-09-2010 493+.jpg

always knew skodas were cool

19-09-2010 698+.jpg

ohhh yeah

19-09-2010 414+.jpg

19-09-2010 412+.jpg

19-09-2010 413+.jpg

19-09-2010 442+.jpg

19-09-2010 459+.jpg

19-09-2010 457+.jpg

19-09-2010 629+.jpg

19-09-2010 639+.jpg

19-09-2010 779+.jpg

19-09-2010 595+.jpg

19-09-2010 600+.jpg

19-09-2010 604+.jpg

19-09-2010 566+.jpg

19-09-2010 576+.jpg

19-09-2010 700+.jpg

19-09-2010 781+.jpg

19-09-2010 777+.jpg

19-09-2010 581+.jpg

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19-09-2010 620+.jpg

its all about the rotiform rims on beakersblog. and why not they are the uber cooliest rims out there

visit www.rotiform.com for more and also visit www.rotiform.co.uk for uk orders and also visit www.g-werks.com for more from the uk suppliers

19-09-2010 714+.jpg

19-09-2010 709+.jpg

i'm waiting for the day when they make some beige blq's in 5x112 with a centre bore of 66.6mm to suit the t3 / t25 vanagons ;-)

19-09-2010 627+.jpg

19-09-2010 419+.jpg

did i mention the beige ?

19-09-2010 411+.jpg

19-09-2010 428+.jpg

19-09-2010 400++.jpg

19-09-2010 404+.jpg

piano black so dark the naked eye cannot see it or me messin wit da shop of photays

19-09-2010 433+.jpg

19-09-2010 588+.jpg

19-09-2010 701+.jpg

19-09-2010 617+.jpg

19-09-2010 445+.jpg

and some very specialness right there. uks first 4 bolt spilt seventeens.


players 2010 non vag grp

19-09-2010 618+.jpg

lots of cool other brands cars at players 2010

19-09-2010 500+.jpg

stanced out accord was cool

19-09-2010 501+.jpg

hell yeah

19-09-2010 499+.jpg

19-09-2010 452+c.jpg

g-werks merks

19-09-2010 421+.jpg

19-09-2010 409+.jpg

design 90's rok

19-09-2010 558+.jpg

19-09-2010 416+.jpg

19-09-2010 706+.jpg

19-09-2010 708+.jpg

19-09-2010 784+.jpg

19-09-2010 679+.jpg

19-09-2010 592+.jpg

19-09-2010 512+.jpg

the car park was also a good place to spot some not seen much of these days rides

19-09-2010 754+.jpg

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