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its all about the rotiform rims on beakersblog. and why not they are the uber cooliest rims out there

visit www.rotiform.com for more and also visit www.rotiform.co.uk for uk orders and also visit www.g-werks.com for more from the uk suppliers

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19-09-2010 709+.jpg

i'm waiting for the day when they make some beige blq's in 5x112 with a centre bore of 66.6mm to suit the t3 / t25 vanagons ;-)

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19-09-2010 419+.jpg

did i mention the beige ?

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piano black so dark the naked eye cannot see it or me messin wit da shop of photays

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19-09-2010 588+.jpg

19-09-2010 701+.jpg

19-09-2010 617+.jpg

19-09-2010 445+.jpg

and some very specialness right there. uks first 4 bolt spilt seventeens.


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