players 2010

19-09-2010 622+.jpg

had a top day at the players 2010. tooo many cool rides to see but managed to bag 500 or so pics so you know whats to come.

19-09-2010 624+.jpg

the performance vw magazines will it wont it be done long term mk4 golf wide ass golf project car was finished and at players 2010. now thats a large ass you would wanna be seen out with

19-09-2010 783+.jpg

for now just a few teaser taster shots

19-09-2010 732+.jpg

not just vw's there but some other brands reppin' too

19-09-2010 788+.jpg

martins buick'd it real good

19-09-2010 713+.jpg

much luv for the merc

19-09-2010 756+.jpg

mo more to come including fiats and vauxhalls !!! be sure to check back now

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