type2detectives tv bus is for sale

12-08-2010 030+.jpg

the type2detectives tv bus is for sale. if you wanna roll hard roll deep be gettin them mad props for yo bad ass mo tuck and still sleep four in ultimate luxury then this bus is for you. the interior motive interior is a one off, the t2d suspension is unique with tubb work and chassis mods by the matt balls its got a stock 1600 out back for cruze-ability a smooth as ride and some bass kick to boot

12-08-2010 039+mb.jpg

its been magazine featured worldwide and of course seen on tv. its a very well known and well loved early bay with massive reeee spects given

23-08-2010 019 +1.jpg


did i mention its got the patina to die for? for more tech spec and info email info@type2detectives.com or call the sales team at the shop on 00 44 (0) 1638 743211 and please be sure to mention beakersblog. thanks awfully

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