last of the ed38x

05-09-2010 346.JPG

always good to see wayne mac and his squareblack which has had a recent visit to gav at trailer queen restos for a refresh and its looking fine for it

05-09-2010 428.JPG

wayne mac picked up a top ten trophy on the saturday

05-09-2010 350.JPG

mr weitz was there with his k70 and also his pink bug

05-09-2010 349.JPG

martins sweet buick got that burbbble goin on

05-09-2010 556.JPG

05-09-2010 328.JPG

05-09-2010 558.JPG

05-09-2010 373.JPG

05-09-2010 563.JPG

05-09-2010 502.JPG

05-09-2010 398.JPG

05-09-2010 381.JPG

05-09-2010 408.JPG

05-09-2010 376.JPG

05-09-2010 362.JPG

05-09-2010 509.JPG

05-09-2010 533.JPG

05-09-2010 519.JPG

so many cool rides at edition38x the uk's water cooled scene is at the top of the game

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