t2d goofback ballz'd

02-09-2010 051+.jpg
balls in aircooled heaven. ignore me ovlov
02-09-2010 057+.jpg
a nice little line up fo schoorrr
02-09-2010 031+.jpg
on the inside the charlie having a good time with the g rinda
02-09-2010 043+.jpg
box and brakes done
02-09-2010 035.JPG
more dropped off today
02-09-2010 041.JPG
mikes bay having a new exhaust fitted by steve
02-09-2010 048 +.jpg
sams has been getting more jared attention
02-09-2010 053 +.jpg
be sure to come see the t2d ballz'd goofback at edition 38 X this weekend
02-09-2010 055.JPG
and visit the t2d trade stand near the pvw stand in the main show area

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