t2d one day lowering t2d bay window dropped spindles

01-09-2010 051.JPG
its been another hectic and mo bizz a week already. another bay in at t2d for sale search for type 2 detectives on facebook for more info
01-09-2010 053.JPG
joe tows been busy too, yesterday mikes notch arrived in need of a new starter
01-09-2010 058.JPG
lovely low mileage bay in for a mild t2d one day bay window lowering
01-09-2010 049.JPG
cool flo's getting some cool t2d'n
01-09-2010 071.JPG
the cool flo barn door was delivered today via the joe tow
01-09-2010 067.JPG
01-09-2010 076.JPG
be sure to check the full cool flo line up at vanfest
01-09-2010 063.JPG
brett backing another bay in for a t2d one day lowering as done the t2d allan crew
01-09-2010 083.JPG
this ones got t2d bay window dropped spindles, t2d coilovers up front and t2d adjustable spring plates out back with the usual front tyre change
01-09-2010 090.JPG
01-09-2010 092.JPG
stock against dropped
01-09-2010 086.JPG
cool late bay hi topper in for a workshop looksee
01-09-2010 080.JPG
bretts been doing the mechanical overhaul on the snush bus
01-09-2010 087.JPG
dougs bay in for a new starter bush
01-09-2010 088.JPG
i wondered why i hadnt seen the milkster around these parts for a while ..................

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