more from nasc 36th street rod nationals

30-08-2010 010.JPG

30-08-2010 167.JPG

30-08-2010 020.JPG

30-08-2010 131.JPG

30-08-2010 106.JPG


30-08-2010 075.JPG

30-08-2010 008.JPG

30-08-2010 031.JPG

30-08-2010 076.JPG

30-08-2010 060.JPG

30-08-2010 006.JPG

30-08-2010 027.JPG

30-08-2010 109.JPG

30-08-2010 165.JPG

30-08-2010 079.JPG

still more more more to come

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nasc 36th street rod nationals

30-08-2010 113.JPG
over at the street rod nationals yesterday checking out the best in britain as built by friend to t2d tim hammond
30-08-2010 111.JPG
30-08-2010 112.JPG
30-08-2010 114.JPG
30-08-2010 115.JPG
so many trick features on this rod, luckily tim was there to show them off
30-08-2010 121.JPG
and some others that have been touched by the hand of tim
30-08-2010 124.JPG
30-08-2010 125.JPG
30-08-2010 130.JPG
and tims very own previous best of winner this mad olds
30-08-2010 003.JPG
30-08-2010 117.JPG
30-08-2010 126.JPG
30-08-2010 119.JPG
30-08-2010 120.JPG
30-08-2010 099.JPG
so many cool rides at the show as per always.
30-08-2010 019.JPG
30-08-2010 087.JPG
30-08-2010 105.JPG
30-08-2010 058.JPG
30-08-2010 024.JPG
30-08-2010 009.JPG
30-08-2010 026.JPG
30-08-2010 089.JPG
30-08-2010 035.JPG
30-08-2010 036.JPG
30-08-2010 085.JPG
30-08-2010 072.JPG
30-08-2010 028.JPG
30-08-2010 030.JPG
30-08-2010 168.JPG
much more to come so many photos

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pics by beaker from beakersblog.com

check this cool vid style tang doing the rounds on the webernet world. the goofback built in 6 mins. all pics taken from www.beakersblog.com which i really dont mind but a little credit would have been nice!!! so if you use my pics please give credit. dont make me ruin them with a watermark or just lock them down, moan over :-)

fridays funnanigans

28-08-2010 099.JPG
jared doing some final checks on the cool flo barndoor
28-08-2010 102.JPG
then its down and out and lookin might eee fine. matthew of justin balls has done it again
28-08-2010 107.JPG
super mad narrowed by balls front end looks like a right bad ass mutha tucka
28-08-2010 095.JPG
another bay in for a little lowering
28-08-2010 097.JPG
done and dusted and off home
28-08-2010 111.JPG
another of the many recently t2d sold bays. if you need a bay check out www.t2d-blog.com for the next line up due for shipping but be quick they dont tend to hand around
28-08-2010 114.JPG
then after work some wheel trying out on the latest mk2 in my collection
28-08-2010 116.JPG
they would look better detailed and with a smaller adapter
28-08-2010 118.JPG
28-08-2010 130.JPG
then it was in for a track check
28-08-2010 183.JPG
and then a final fluff up and its looking deep again
28-08-2010 188.JPG
not bad for 21 years of age
28-08-2010 112.JPG
paul and brett pekka gave the t2d parts hauler some suspension love friday night
28-08-2010 124.JPG
some axle flipp'n and blocks out back + t2d slam shocks
28-08-2010 138.JPG
with coilovers up front wound all the way down
28-08-2010 153.JPG
bamm its down.
28-08-2010 155.JPG
gonna need some tubbing out back
28-08-2010 177.JPG
28-08-2010 180.JPG
bring on the deliveries

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17" chrome fuch'd mk 2 golf

tonight at t2d i am mainly trying some 17" chrome fuch on me mk twoooce

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phils audi s3 powered new beetle for sale

ps nb 1+.jpg
for sale one super fly bad ass newbie bug currently owned by one mr phil slade
ps nb 2 +.jpg
detailed to the max with too many trick features, one of my fav touches is the pink springs on the coilovers
ps nb 3 +.jpg
for full spec and contact details with lots more photos go visit http://web.me.com/pyro74/Site/Audi_S3_New_Beetle.html 

ride fast ride safe ride fix

26-08-2010 031.JPG
new in at type 2 detectives the t2 fix.
26-08-2010 024.JPG
they are great fun and fast too as shown by paul
26-08-2010 035.JPG
steve and the b rett having a test ride
26-08-2010 038.JPG
meanwhile inside sams van is really starting to take shape
26-08-2010 045.JPG
its all gone shiney in the workshop this week
26-08-2010 043.JPG
and literally just fitted in the cool flo barn door panels freshly gwal built motor


slammin' shut thay power pedal

25-08-2010 010.JPG
the snush bus is getting the treatment at the moment. slam job burners and a mechanical overhaul
25-08-2010 011 +.jpg
the t2d ballz'd goofy gonna be at edition 38 which aint far away
25-08-2010 013 +.jpg
i've been having a little play today with my mk twooce. and i gave it a little buff last night over jays shed of shine, well the bonnet had a 3 hr triple cut and single buff. gotta get it phil slade shiney if it kills me
25-08-2010 016 +.jpg
twooce twice and t two five with the thrice in the garage and the forth now in storage, theres an other somewhere else too. damm is that 2 many? nah not enough :-)


type 2 detectives ball joint dropped spindles

24-08-2010 039.JPG
the cool flo barn door was back down today and hows that for ya?
24-08-2010 040.JPG
wow bad ass mo tucka fo sure. the balls has done it again
24-08-2010 032.JPG
kevin was in and waiting for us to open this morning
24-08-2010 033.JPG
he dropped off his 69 bay for some type 2 detectives ball joint dropped spindles, a rim change and some adjustable spring plates out back
24-08-2010 043.JPG
the charlie and disco steve applied they skillz to get the job jobberised
24-08-2010 051.JPG
and in a t2d jiff ayy it was back down. juz like magic
24-08-2010 056.JPG
and ready for collection
24-08-2010 059.JPG
much better with added t2d super smooth glide ride
24-08-2010 054.JPG
jon one of the balls boys and brother of matt swung by in his super clean t5 now with big rollas and soon to be lower
24-08-2010 048.JPG
and seeing as it was out i put my 4 against the 3 to see how much higher mine is, you'd be suprised at the results ;-)
24-08-2010 035.JPG
old skool bentley in at t2d? ohhh yeahhh ;-)


splits bays bugs golfs and ice cream

23-08-2010 015.JPG
another week has passed so time for new rims on the disco bus. how long will these last?
23-08-2010 019 +1.jpg
tv bus has been out for another play this weekend and its off to edition 38 soon
23-08-2010 014.JPG
theres no better way to start the day than ice cream
23-08-2010 021.JPG
bretts been dropping engines and fixing ex hausts
23-08-2010 020.JPG
another bay for sale at t2d if you facebook search for type 2 detectives and check out the info
23-08-2010 024.JPG
joe the tow along with his assistant roxy dropped this bug off this afternoon
23-08-2010 030 +1.jpg
and beakersblog.com's latest mk2 project. more to come on this

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