fridays funnanigans

28-08-2010 099.JPG
jared doing some final checks on the cool flo barndoor
28-08-2010 102.JPG
then its down and out and lookin might eee fine. matthew of justin balls has done it again
28-08-2010 107.JPG
super mad narrowed by balls front end looks like a right bad ass mutha tucka
28-08-2010 095.JPG
another bay in for a little lowering
28-08-2010 097.JPG
done and dusted and off home
28-08-2010 111.JPG
another of the many recently t2d sold bays. if you need a bay check out www.t2d-blog.com for the next line up due for shipping but be quick they dont tend to hand around
28-08-2010 114.JPG
then after work some wheel trying out on the latest mk2 in my collection
28-08-2010 116.JPG
they would look better detailed and with a smaller adapter
28-08-2010 118.JPG
28-08-2010 130.JPG
then it was in for a track check
28-08-2010 183.JPG
and then a final fluff up and its looking deep again
28-08-2010 188.JPG
not bad for 21 years of age
28-08-2010 112.JPG
paul and brett pekka gave the t2d parts hauler some suspension love friday night
28-08-2010 124.JPG
some axle flipp'n and blocks out back + t2d slam shocks
28-08-2010 138.JPG
with coilovers up front wound all the way down
28-08-2010 153.JPG
bamm its down.
28-08-2010 155.JPG
gonna need some tubbing out back
28-08-2010 177.JPG
28-08-2010 180.JPG
bring on the deliveries

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