slammin' shut thay power pedal

25-08-2010 010.JPG
the snush bus is getting the treatment at the moment. slam job burners and a mechanical overhaul
25-08-2010 011 +.jpg
the t2d ballz'd goofy gonna be at edition 38 which aint far away
25-08-2010 013 +.jpg
i've been having a little play today with my mk twooce. and i gave it a little buff last night over jays shed of shine, well the bonnet had a 3 hr triple cut and single buff. gotta get it phil slade shiney if it kills me
25-08-2010 016 +.jpg
twooce twice and t two five with the thrice in the garage and the forth now in storage, theres an other somewhere else too. damm is that 2 many? nah not enough :-)

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