type 2 detectives ball joint dropped spindles

24-08-2010 039.JPG
the cool flo barn door was back down today and hows that for ya?
24-08-2010 040.JPG
wow bad ass mo tucka fo sure. the balls has done it again
24-08-2010 032.JPG
kevin was in and waiting for us to open this morning
24-08-2010 033.JPG
he dropped off his 69 bay for some type 2 detectives ball joint dropped spindles, a rim change and some adjustable spring plates out back
24-08-2010 043.JPG
the charlie and disco steve applied they skillz to get the job jobberised
24-08-2010 051.JPG
and in a t2d jiff ayy it was back down. juz like magic
24-08-2010 056.JPG
and ready for collection
24-08-2010 059.JPG
much better with added t2d super smooth glide ride
24-08-2010 054.JPG
jon one of the balls boys and brother of matt swung by in his super clean t5 now with big rollas and soon to be lower
24-08-2010 048.JPG
and seeing as it was out i put my 4 against the 3 to see how much higher mine is, you'd be suprised at the results ;-)
24-08-2010 035.JPG
old skool bentley in at t2d? ohhh yeahhh ;-)

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