splits bays bugs golfs and ice cream

23-08-2010 015.JPG
another week has passed so time for new rims on the disco bus. how long will these last?
23-08-2010 019 +1.jpg
tv bus has been out for another play this weekend and its off to edition 38 soon
23-08-2010 014.JPG
theres no better way to start the day than ice cream
23-08-2010 021.JPG
bretts been dropping engines and fixing ex hausts
23-08-2010 020.JPG
another bay for sale at t2d if you facebook search for type 2 detectives and check out the info
23-08-2010 024.JPG
joe the tow along with his assistant roxy dropped this bug off this afternoon
23-08-2010 030 +1.jpg
and beakersblog.com's latest mk2 project. more to come on this

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