hey girlfriend

20-08-2010 024.JPG
david popped in for a timing check this afternoon
20-08-2010 025.JPG
md's back down and on the floor
20-08-2010 036.JPG
all white at the back all white at the front. pauls barrymore back looking fiesty on its new white rims
20-08-2010 035.JPG
20-08-2010 028.JPG
pete doing modifying a new tank for brett
20-08-2010 040.JPG
once done brett got the tank in
20-08-2010 038.JPG
matts got the cool flo barn door nearly ready to hit the floor again
20-08-2010 039.JPG
jared getting to grips with daves new heat exchangers
20-08-2010 041.JPG
nevilles buggy back in for its new engines first service
20-08-2010 042.JPG
travelling as the crow flys saving time down them country tracks costs tyres !!
20-08-2010 060.JPG
all about them numbers, a 4 a 2 and a 6

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