belt up belt off belt this belt end

18-08-2010 017 +.jpg
mr mold dropped his van off for an mot today and a rear end raise ??
18-08-2010 019.JPG
some cool flo'n
18-08-2010 021 +.jpg
and the other cool flo panel in at the moment
18-08-2010 026 +.jpg
matt doing a box lift on the cool flo barn door
18-08-2010 027 +.jpg
18-08-2010 023.JPG
marks split has been getting the strip down treatment
18-08-2010 016 +.jpg
steve fitting a custom seat belt in the rear of marks westy
18-08-2010 015.JPG
and jons bay has had a 3 point seat belt fitted in the rear

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