lay low lick on

16-08-2010 045.JPG
more dropped off over the weekend
16-08-2010 033.JPG
and even more dropped off today
16-08-2010 046.JPG
time for a shuffle-uff-err-guss
16-08-2010 029.JPG
balls sporting the latest T off the production line. the classic t2d T has been re-introduced for a limited run and with a bit of a twist. but should we increase the production? email info@type2detectives.com and say i want to rock out with my ...... out in a classic t2d T
16-08-2010 037.JPG
soon to be roll'n roll'n roll'n
16-08-2010 040.JPG
this time last year the goofback was just a twinkle in balls' eye

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