its da future

14.08.2010 029.jpg
T2D young and old . paul getting Some tips from His son William who was at work this afternoon showing dad how to do it
14.08.2010 039.jpg
Also very handy with the camera too and William showed me the way of the cool shot . Be Sure To Check www.t2d - blog.com To See His photo work . billsblog.com coming soon
14.08.2010 027.jpg
nice to see phil in today
14.08.2010 030.jpg
and Mark too whos now sporting a new back bumper and Some patina . og paint under there somewhere
14.08.2010 035.jpg
Jared ' s been doing a servo on the cool flo barndoor a very worth while addition
14.08.2010 033.jpg
mark f ' s westy interior is on the way out getting ready for something a little more funkay
14.08.2010 037.jpg
again again again again again again
14.08.2010 041.jpg
so far i have sill'd it , subframed'd it and reguarly scrape the exhaust on my driveway. just the sump now and i've done the set. lovin'n it real good

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