shudda wudda cudda but didnt

12-08-2010 030+.jpg
the t2d tv bus got an mot today
12-08-2010 028.JPG
dont look right with a number plate on
12-08-2010 039+mb.jpg
then it was dropped at the t2d tv bus storage place
12-08-2010 041+.jpg
and swapped for the porsche powered bay which had another run on the rollers yesterday
12-08-2010 026.JPG
my goof two also paid a visit to the mot place. even got a green one, well once i'd sorted the obvious mistake. oops should of done that first. and yes i parked the spoiler on the jack so some chockaaan de blockaaan action was needed
12-08-2010 044.JPG
jareds been busy with sams shiney split screen fiddeen winda'd one
12-08-2010 048.JPG

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