type 2 detectives bay window ball joint dropped spindles

11-08-2010 036.JPG
yet another high top bay in at t2d. this one in for some t2d bay window ball joint dropped spindles
11-08-2010 054.JPG
jared and steve got on it before lunch with jared taking care of the front with steve out back fitting the adjustable spring plates. this is how the t2d dropped spindles look once fitted
11-08-2010 056.JPG
all doobed up and a new adjustable track rod fitted
11-08-2010 049.JPG
then once back down jared tracked it up ready for the test drive then handover
11-08-2010 062.JPG
the test drive done and ready to rock out
11-08-2010 067.JPG
its dropped the van 5" up front, 3.5" drop with the spindles and the rest with a change of tyre. this ones got 175/55/15 front tyres. t2d coilover shocks can be used to bump the front up about 1" if needed
11-08-2010 065.JPG
lowered but with added t2d comfy ride, winner. www.type2detectives.com
11-08-2010 044.JPG
even t2d's pet engine builder the gwal is thunking on getting some dropped spindles for his bay.
11-08-2010 040.JPG
or for that really nip and tuck you need to go link pin as seen on the t2d "tuck" truck ;-)
11-08-2010 058.JPG
mr golds bay back in today for a new recond auto box
11-08-2010 068.JPG
steves daily has had its porsche steels on for at least a couple of weeks so time for a disco detail. but they wont be on for long as steves doing the disco detail dance tonight on his latest rims
11-08-2010 061.JPG
the lilacs split screen is out and the new motors running and sounding real priddy
11-08-2010 038.JPG
next door the charlie has been doing some engine stripping
11-08-2010 039.JPG
marks yellow westy now got rego and the 68 microbus was sold last week and will be getting the treatment soon


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