does it matter what i write here? really

10-08-2010 022.JPG
not again!!!!
10-08-2010 023.JPG
the first of some mots this week
10-08-2010 024.JPG
and the second
10-08-2010 028.JPG
10-08-2010 034.JPG
matts been making the cool flo barndoors custom 5" narrowed beam today
10-08-2010 030.JPG
bretts being going at the lilac split screen
10-08-2010 036.JPG
with good effect too. its first time back down and looking much the nicer for the added t2d'd
09-08-2010 010.JPG
and with some special engine work by joe the tow gallagher whos stepped in to help out at t2d what with it being mental mad busy at the moment
10-08-2010 031.JPG
and joe pobbed back in today

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