jack tipp'n ann ting'n

06-08-2010 019.JPG
nigel collected his skate bus this afternoon
06-08-2010 014.JPG
now with some added power in the tunage area. jareds done some real nice wiring as per
06-08-2010 012.JPG
ricky was in before us ready to get his hi pop topper lowered
06-08-2010 016.JPG
and he wasnt disappointed with the results www.type2detectives.com for more on the one day bay window lowering
06-08-2010 020.JPG
mark pobbed in with his eb which will getting a service and mot next week
06-08-2010 017.JPG
disco d came in on his day off to weld a new arch on the rear of his mk once.

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