oh snap

04-08-2010 069.JPG
a wet start to the day today. a collection day today, nick collected his split screen panel van and martins square is all good to roll out
04-08-2010 096.JPG
beige bay nearly ready to go too
04-08-2010 090.JPG
brett doing a late one to finish off the beam swap on the lilac bay
04-08-2010 103.JPG
and a bit of water pumpa happenin's today. matt in his passat wagen which he was track checking at lunch
04-08-2010 078.JPG
then after work matt had some fun with my mk forth
04-08-2010 093.JPG
matt fitted and set up my new ap coilovers as supplied by www.g-werks.com
04-08-2010 109.JPG
and time to fit the tsw venoms for that 90's kick back flavor
04-08-2010 112.JPG
matt also sorted the new kw anti roll bar which now runs under the driveshaft for extra clearance
04-08-2010 116.JPG
and in no time bamm its down
04-08-2010 117.JPG
i love it
04-08-2010 128.JPG
gonna need some spacers out back and maybe a slight tyre size increase, but it rides real nice and only rubbed the exhaust coming out of the workshop and on my drive. cool.
massive thanks to all involved and biggest props to mr matt balls mr brett pecker and of course paul for the ramp and workshop use. i thankyou

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