t25 ambulance photo shoot

30-07-2010 116.JPG
thursday was the day for my t25 ambulances photoshoot
30-07-2010 122.JPG
down the marina
30-07-2010 147.JPG
a lovely evening for it
30-07-2010 164.JPG
30-07-2010 186.JPG
then when it gotta a bit darker robs rig came out, yeah
30-07-2010 191.JPG
30-07-2010 195.JPG
ready for the motion stuff to happen
30-07-2010 193.JPG
30-07-2010 198.JPG
looks like they got some funny ones of me
30-07-2010 202.JPG
30-07-2010 204.JPG
big thanks to jon and rob for the shoot. be sure to check www.fenstudios.com for more from jon
30-07-2010 205.JPG
jon on his way home in his fenstudio split

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