a master at work

30-07-2010 144.JPG
30-07-2010 139.JPG
it was a late one last night out for a night shoot with my ambulance and www.fenstudios.com more to come on this
30-07-2010 209.JPG
we've had the honor of having neil from prosign in today
30-07-2010 216.JPG
nigels skate bus has been having some more work done
30-07-2010 215.JPG
its been a pleasure to watch neil in action
30-07-2010 219.JPG
the skate bus is looking good for it too
30-07-2010 221.JPG
30-07-2010 222.JPG
and nigels bug has had a few touches added. for more from prosign http://prosign.skynetblogs.be/

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co fo'n

28-07-2010 016++.jpg
balls and a late bay
28-07-2010 014+.jpg
lilac and white spilt in for the lowering
28-07-2010 012+.jpg
marks split in for some of the same
28-07-2010 011+.jpg
beige bay now got its rego number
28-07-2010 010+.jpg
joes ghia getting the love ready for mot and then off to hayling island this weekend
28-07-2010 009+.jpg
mark p's early bay now lower with some new fuch style rims
28-07-2010 015+.jpg
mrs disco's latest ride a fancy newbie cab

cool pics by sam spilsbury

i've been checking out sam splisburys cool bug jam pics and stolerised these of the t2d shop truck, balls bay and besie bay
great pics sam and thanks for the tag

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more from bug jam 2010

25-07-2010 140.JPG
25-07-2010 134.JPG
milky and doctor from doctor and the medics. milkys a fan and got to meet the doctor backstage saturday night, milky also like to sniff his idols hair which is whats happening here
25-07-2010 156.JPG
25-07-2010 157.JPG
some bike types at bug jam who got them mad skillz
25-07-2010 158.JPG
25-07-2010 152.JPG
bobbys been busy with the pop top
25-07-2010 153.JPG
and more water/air crossover action to be had
25-07-2010 163.JPG
bug jam always has some cool low riderz there
25-07-2010 136.JPG
25-07-2010 166.JPG
even a joooced up jag too
25-07-2010 193+b.jpg
then it was time to hit the road home to avoid those ques out
25-07-2010 201+.jpg
25-07-2010 181.JPG
25-07-2010 183.JPG
how cool is that tucka
25-07-2010 187.JPG
and it could be yours too because its for sale for only £9,000, email info@type2detectives.com for more


bug jam 2010

25-07-2010 110.JPG
i paid a very brief visit to bug jam 2010 to see how the t2d crew got on with the what should have been a 3 day makeover but got done in a day and a half. for tv reasons the van was up again this morning
25-07-2010 112.JPG
nice to see paul and the promotive tv guys again
25-07-2010 117.JPG
the p med is getting good at all this tv work
25-07-2010 119.JPG
down and ready to roll out
25-07-2010 123.JPG
25-07-2010 124.JPG
25-07-2010 126.JPG
roll'n out right into a "you cant park there" types
25-07-2010 105.JPG
so park it there he did
25-07-2010 104.JPG
and paul was like "whatevor"
25-07-2010 130.JPG
then there was some cameras attached to the outside and inside (whoops hope they dont use my signing)
25-07-2010 143.JPG
even the milky was involved in the plot
25-07-2010 147.JPG
25-07-2010 149.JPG
25-07-2010 148.JPG
i even got entrusted with some boom work, sorry bout the shadows
25-07-2010 133.JPG
and the t2d team that built it. top work and a top bunch of chaps. a pleasure and an honnor to be part of the team (well on a sunday)
and a plus size more to come from bug jam 2010 tomorrow

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t2d do bug jam 2010

t2dtv1 +. jpg
paul and team are doing well T2D at bug jam 2010 . seen here with the 3 day Bay makeover filmed by MTV
T2D the build -and-trade area this morning before the crowd got too big to See the state
and the bay being built to full t2d link pin super skinny beam set up with full tubbs and chassis notchin' all done at bug jam 2010 and they are way ahead of the planned 3 days. see it in the show and shine tomorrow and hopefully my freshly detailed t25 ambulance

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re stripe at prosign

07.23.2010 035.jpg
i took a Journey Down South yesterday to visit mandy and neil at prosign to get my T25 ambulance re stripped
07.23.2010 037.jpg
Mandy did the Majority of the work and was straight on with the dayglo orange
07.23.2010 038.jpg
ITS the brightest dayglo vinyl out there and a spot on match to what was already there
07.23.2010 040.jpg
You can see how much the old orange had faded over time
07.23.2010 043.jpg
neil swung by at lunch and helped apply the front stripe
07.23.2010 045.jpg
the pics dont do the colourr any justice , its eye hurting bright in the sun
07.23.2010 047.jpg
mandy neil and make it look so easy to do
07.23.2010 052.jpg
The telephone number got a refresh too . i've got to say a massive thankyous to mandy neil and brambles for looking after me yesterday and for doing a superb job with my ambulance. thankyous . Be sure to visit http://prosign.skynetblogs.be/to see more from prosign and also check out the main website http://www.prosign1.co.uk/ 
07.23.2010 061.jpg
then after a fun journey through london high street where I got many smiles and thumbs up from people while trawling through the traffic (LL the ambo) i swung by to see how  team T2D were doing with their preperation for this weekends bugjam 07.23.2010 063.jpg
it looks like Dobbin the T2D race horse got turf'd out of its transportation to get more parts and tools to bug jam  . Big thanks to www.rent - right.co.uk  for the sponsored orse Box
07.23.2010 065.jpg
insert your own donkey / ass jokes here
066.JPG 23/07/2010
and while i've been away there was a delivery from www.g - werks.com , my new ap coilovers and low slung kw anti roll bar for my mk forth have arrived big thanks to rob and darren for hooking me up with these . cant wait till they be on


cool flo barndoor split screen panel van

21-07-2010 017.JPG
the cool flo barndoor split screen panel van strip down has begun
21-07-2010 016.JPG
i cant wait to see it roll as low as the savs barndoor
21-07-2010 026.JPG
the deluxe cleaning & laundry early bay panel in the t2d workshop this afternoon
21-07-2010 022.JPG
its hug a bay day today. did you?? disco did
21-07-2010 023.JPG
matt the balls gave his panel a hug. or made his bay panel hug the ground some more. and remember kids its a hard slam no air no bags no hydros. check it for yourself if your going to bug-jam this weekend and be sure to go visit the t2d stand to see the team build something crazy over the weekend and be sure to buy yo-self some t2d 'chandise like a balls t or hoodie maybe. support your two'd
21-07-2010 024.JPG
flamin' g holes


power boat times

a very pleasant afternoon on the water at the power boat yesterday with the boys
120.JPG 07/18/2010
a few cheeky beers on the water too ( well for Some)
207.JPG 07/18/2010
Which lead to some fun after a few, and legal too . thanks to rob for the 50mph hard turns which resulted in an early shower . well funny times mucho Thanks to all Involved
18-07-2010 152.JPG
the life preserver has never been more needed then when paul was at the helm/ wheel whatever th correct term is
109.JPG 07/18/2010
like the wake at 6mph , but no fun to cross nearer Some flat out with turns you get some good air
07.18.2010 136.jpg
lots of people out for a boat . very friendly too
07.18.2010 134.jpg
heading up from the boat marina to ipswich marina
138.JPG 07/18/2010
and understanding to Orwell Bridge was a first after many goes about it
07.18.2010 142.jpg
here is a nice bit of patina on the water
154.JPG 07/18/2010
 heading into ipswich marina
162.JPG 07/18/2010
its all very up and coming these days
07.18.2010 160.jpg
My other boat is
164.JPG 07/18/2010
they're still building new posh places too
07/18/2010 167.JPG
Time to park the boat and hit the quay side bars
168.JPG 07/18/2010
didn't know she had a boat
07/18/2010 173.JPG
or two 171.JPG 07/18/2010
rob enjoying a pimms, or 2. thinked that help with the stunt driving that came later
198.JPG 07/18/2010
Time to get out the water skis
210.JPG 07/18/2010
we're gonna need a bigger boat


de bagged not t

17-07-2010 024+.jpg
all de bagged not t
17-07-2010 021 +.jpg
'ard slammer
17-07-2010 016+.jpg
bras and balls
17-07-2010 019 +.jpg
petes samba by t2d
17-07-2010 014+.jpg
always nice to see mark and michelle

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