a master at work

30-07-2010 144.JPG
30-07-2010 139.JPG
it was a late one last night out for a night shoot with my ambulance and www.fenstudios.com more to come on this
30-07-2010 209.JPG
we've had the honor of having neil from prosign in today
30-07-2010 216.JPG
nigels skate bus has been having some more work done
30-07-2010 215.JPG
its been a pleasure to watch neil in action
30-07-2010 219.JPG
the skate bus is looking good for it too
30-07-2010 221.JPG
30-07-2010 222.JPG
and nigels bug has had a few touches added. for more from prosign http://prosign.skynetblogs.be/

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