more from bug jam 2010

25-07-2010 140.JPG
25-07-2010 134.JPG
milky and doctor from doctor and the medics. milkys a fan and got to meet the doctor backstage saturday night, milky also like to sniff his idols hair which is whats happening here
25-07-2010 156.JPG
25-07-2010 157.JPG
some bike types at bug jam who got them mad skillz
25-07-2010 158.JPG
25-07-2010 152.JPG
bobbys been busy with the pop top
25-07-2010 153.JPG
and more water/air crossover action to be had
25-07-2010 163.JPG
bug jam always has some cool low riderz there
25-07-2010 136.JPG
25-07-2010 166.JPG
even a joooced up jag too
25-07-2010 193+b.jpg
then it was time to hit the road home to avoid those ques out
25-07-2010 201+.jpg
25-07-2010 181.JPG
25-07-2010 183.JPG
how cool is that tucka
25-07-2010 187.JPG
and it could be yours too because its for sale for only £9,000, email info@type2detectives.com for more

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