bug jam 2010

25-07-2010 110.JPG
i paid a very brief visit to bug jam 2010 to see how the t2d crew got on with the what should have been a 3 day makeover but got done in a day and a half. for tv reasons the van was up again this morning
25-07-2010 112.JPG
nice to see paul and the promotive tv guys again
25-07-2010 117.JPG
the p med is getting good at all this tv work
25-07-2010 119.JPG
down and ready to roll out
25-07-2010 123.JPG
25-07-2010 124.JPG
25-07-2010 126.JPG
roll'n out right into a "you cant park there" types
25-07-2010 105.JPG
so park it there he did
25-07-2010 104.JPG
and paul was like "whatevor"
25-07-2010 130.JPG
then there was some cameras attached to the outside and inside (whoops hope they dont use my signing)
25-07-2010 143.JPG
even the milky was involved in the plot
25-07-2010 147.JPG
25-07-2010 149.JPG
25-07-2010 148.JPG
i even got entrusted with some boom work, sorry bout the shadows
25-07-2010 133.JPG
and the t2d team that built it. top work and a top bunch of chaps. a pleasure and an honnor to be part of the team (well on a sunday)
and a plus size more to come from bug jam 2010 tomorrow

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