re stripe at prosign

07.23.2010 035.jpg
i took a Journey Down South yesterday to visit mandy and neil at prosign to get my T25 ambulance re stripped
07.23.2010 037.jpg
Mandy did the Majority of the work and was straight on with the dayglo orange
07.23.2010 038.jpg
ITS the brightest dayglo vinyl out there and a spot on match to what was already there
07.23.2010 040.jpg
You can see how much the old orange had faded over time
07.23.2010 043.jpg
neil swung by at lunch and helped apply the front stripe
07.23.2010 045.jpg
the pics dont do the colourr any justice , its eye hurting bright in the sun
07.23.2010 047.jpg
mandy neil and make it look so easy to do
07.23.2010 052.jpg
The telephone number got a refresh too . i've got to say a massive thankyous to mandy neil and brambles for looking after me yesterday and for doing a superb job with my ambulance. thankyous . Be sure to visit http://prosign.skynetblogs.be/to see more from prosign and also check out the main website http://www.prosign1.co.uk/ 
07.23.2010 061.jpg
then after a fun journey through london high street where I got many smiles and thumbs up from people while trawling through the traffic (LL the ambo) i swung by to see how  team T2D were doing with their preperation for this weekends bugjam 07.23.2010 063.jpg
it looks like Dobbin the T2D race horse got turf'd out of its transportation to get more parts and tools to bug jam  . Big thanks to www.rent - right.co.uk  for the sponsored orse Box
07.23.2010 065.jpg
insert your own donkey / ass jokes here
066.JPG 23/07/2010
and while i've been away there was a delivery from www.g - werks.com , my new ap coilovers and low slung kw anti roll bar for my mk forth have arrived big thanks to rob and darren for hooking me up with these . cant wait till they be on

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