power boat times

a very pleasant afternoon on the water at the power boat yesterday with the boys
120.JPG 07/18/2010
a few cheeky beers on the water too ( well for Some)
207.JPG 07/18/2010
Which lead to some fun after a few, and legal too . thanks to rob for the 50mph hard turns which resulted in an early shower . well funny times mucho Thanks to all Involved
18-07-2010 152.JPG
the life preserver has never been more needed then when paul was at the helm/ wheel whatever th correct term is
109.JPG 07/18/2010
like the wake at 6mph , but no fun to cross nearer Some flat out with turns you get some good air
07.18.2010 136.jpg
lots of people out for a boat . very friendly too
07.18.2010 134.jpg
heading up from the boat marina to ipswich marina
138.JPG 07/18/2010
and understanding to Orwell Bridge was a first after many goes about it
07.18.2010 142.jpg
here is a nice bit of patina on the water
154.JPG 07/18/2010
 heading into ipswich marina
162.JPG 07/18/2010
its all very up and coming these days
07.18.2010 160.jpg
My other boat is
164.JPG 07/18/2010
they're still building new posh places too
07/18/2010 167.JPG
Time to park the boat and hit the quay side bars
168.JPG 07/18/2010
didn't know she had a boat
07/18/2010 173.JPG
or two 171.JPG 07/18/2010
rob enjoying a pimms, or 2. thinked that help with the stunt driving that came later
198.JPG 07/18/2010
Time to get out the water skis
210.JPG 07/18/2010
we're gonna need a bigger boat

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