split'n co nutt'n

16-07-2010 058+2b.jpg
cant wait until it does sit like this
16-07-2010 062.JPG
mikes got the drop spindle and modded beam treatment today
16-07-2010 067.JPG
another visit to the mot place and woo hoo straight through too
16-07-2010 084.JPG
matt said the test drive went well, rides as well as it goes now mike
16-07-2010 081.JPG
nicks pogg ayyy bay back in the ot
16-07-2010 077.JPG
petes now rock'n a roofy rack
16-07-2010 071.JPG
and mostly ian the trim has been looking up off late
16-07-2010 070.JPG
garys back in for some pre bug jam service work

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