try'n to pull a two two 6 on da b, oh no b dont let it roll like dat

09-07-2010 029#+

after an interesting journey over to the mot shop in the cool flo panel today thanks to some dee ness in a delivery van i can thoughly recommend a t2d servo brake upgrade for your van. damm they got some stop when you need it

09-07-2010 026

all good and a pass too

09-07-2010 040

late lovely deluxe bay in today

09-07-2010 045+

whoops wheres the shadow gone :-)

09-07-2010 043


mike and katys wild t2d trim shop interior looking great in the bis quit of phat

09-07-2010 048


nigels stonka looking good in he bug

09-07-2010 039

martins big mota been getting more upgrades and stuff

09-07-2010 042

corner ballz'd got a rub ova and maybe coming out for a show this weekend. maybe

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