ain't no ill'n b just collll chill'n

07-07-2010 018

the unknown owners split had stock not dropped spindles fitted today and a raise at the rear too. huh!! i know !! but hey what the customer whats :-) then it was off with the joe tow to the docks ready to go out to partayy in ibiza

07-07-2010 023

petes got a run up this afternoon. sounds great too

07-07-2010 026

07-07-2010 027

back from the trim shop with new rag roof

07-07-2010 024

and as with all t2d trim shop work its as good on the outside as on the inside. and with the oak and leather the inside is a very nice place to be.

07-07-2010 022

nice to see katy and mike today who dropped their early bay off for yet more t2d upgrades. this time some t2d ball joint dropped spindles for that back to stock ride

07-07-2010 021

one of the beige bays inside for the full mechanical overhaul before going to its new owners

07-07-2010 020

and the purple ones been getting the same mechanical overhaul today too

07-07-2010 035

a nice little bit in the local paper last friday about the t2d chilli night.

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