lil' monobrow man golightly gotta luv a b g

05-07-2010 028

the latest t2d westy that arrived on friday and was sold on saturday. good buy mr f

05-07-2010 024

and its soon get a similar stance to nicks t2d porsche powered bay

05-07-2010 024++

perhaps perhaps perhaps

05-07-2010 023

beige bay back from tells place

05-07-2010 016

and another beige bay on its way to the tell.

05-07-2010 017

robs bug got the once over today in readiness for its mot which it sailed through. that was a first hey rob :-)


05-07-2010 018

05-07-2010 021

did you spot the lesser seen jared in petes samba, his favourite place at the moment

05-07-2010 019

the t2d display beam is no longer pink but a fetching shade of g reen. love it

05-07-2010 015

disco shanes latest hack. coilovers are in and ready to fit when he's back off of his holidays. or will disco dad steve get them on before then ???


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