t2d chilli night twice

02-07-2010 236

t2d's vehicle of choice went to chris lambournes rolled burnt and back on the road mad turbo'd split

02-07-2010 238

bens old now jons notch on genuine burners. no polishing needed on those, maybe the best way to be? kel ???

02-07-2010 278

the ex steve walker and also jd's old samba that t2d put the 17" brms on a way long time ago. then betterised by the new owner with the shiney paint. looking good

02-07-2010 271

david dong-shirt simpkins super clean big power many burnouts spilt. it also paid a visit to t2d for some stance mastering many moons ago

02-07-2010 269

nice to see ollie and his norwich rolla's made the journey across

02-07-2010 262

02-07-2010 251

02-07-2010 254

02-07-2010 255

02-07-2010 250

davids brown one that was only in last week for the t2d stance and new engine

02-07-2010 231

slamwerks in da place of two'd too

02-07-2010 230

the skegvegas bay also made the journey down.

02-07-2010 218

just bought from somewhere up north and on route back to its new home in germany via t2d, got the furthest travelled award too

02-07-2010 249

02-07-2010 301

bretts arm a bus getting slamwerks guys approval

02-07-2010 259

mark f's super dry'd t2d' bay. and congrats to mark on his latest t2d bay purchase. more to come on that one

02-07-2010 257

the local subaru dudes rocked up in this plastic ferrari running aircooled motor but soon to be going all water cooled again with a guess what motor

02-07-2010 242

and steve eastfalia walker is outta here

02-07-2010 248

mark and suzanne recently bought t2d'd early deluxe bay came up from the deeps of kent

02-07-2010 288

twice and thrice together

02-07-2010 303

oiiiiiiii look out now. much fun with some old skewl friends graig and dave, good times and a great night. www.youtube.com/beakersblog the vids up fellas

02-07-2010 292

awards time. vehicle of choice

02-07-2010 294

furthest travelled. "all the way from up there"

02-07-2010 309

then time to kick back and have some fun. milky style

02-07-2010 315

milky didnt remember even going near a bike let alone riding this funkay lay down beast

02-07-2010 342

then a little lie down for forty winks

02-07-2010 355

then a little sleeps in the neighbours carpet skip

02-07-2010 375

some assistance is needed to get to his actual bed for the night

02-07-2010 379

oi oi oi oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii no no no noooooooooooooooooo

02-07-2010 384


night night sweet dreams lil milky. and remember drink senisble now.

the first t2d evening event was a massive success. much bigger then even we imagined. big big thankyous to everyone that took the time to come along and make it what it was. the next ones gonna be bigger and betterer. watch this space as they say.................

02-07-2010 208


have to give a special mention about booger. t2d's biggest fan. he even had this t2d tattoo on his neck friday afternoon especially for the chilli night. good work booger looks great. if you want a t2d tattoo pop in and get one, tattoo shop on site

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